Powerful Love Ritual

Thank you so much :blush:


@C.Kendall Forst of high respect and my humble gratitude for giving the day of hope through this post of yours.
I’ve done this ritual a couple of time already. Yeah I’m just a wee bit impatient for her to come back in my life. I deeply miss her. Once she’s back in never gonna let her go again. I’ll take care of her and cherish her. Sorry I got carried away.
So I wrote this post to ask a quick question. You say this ritual is to be done on the floor. The thing is I live in a studio apartment and the only space big enough on the floor for me to sit and do this is right next to my bed. Well that would’ve been ok but after the closing of the ritual the candle keeps burning roght next to my bed where my feet should be and I without intention keep on looking down at the candle.
I feel bad to look down uponthe candle which I was praying up to some time before.
You see what I mean? Please suggest if I can keep this on the table instead.


Very powerful indeed I did it to my female friends and they showed compassion towards me, This spell is quite beneficial thanks for sharing bro my gratitude


Got it, there should be a comma after ‘together’, :innocent: my bad.

The ritual looks awesome and easy. Hope it works on exes.


Please post an introduction in the Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you have. It will help us to answer any questions you may have, and it is one of the rules of this forum:

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Dude, stop going around hitting people up to cast spells for you. You asked me in PM after impatiently asking about your tarot reading, you opened a thread asking about it, and now you are hassling @C.Kendall. That is a good way to get banned from this forum.

If you are that desperate, pay a professional. EA and others offer ritual for hire at Becomealivinggod.com

Most of us are too busy working on our own stuff.


Only basic doubts. Pilar candle or regular candle, which is appropiate? And if the candle is left burning on top of a paper, wouldn’t it burn the paper when it’s consumed? Ty

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like other love spells it will fade away?

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I did it to get my ex back. He’s not obsessed, but he’s back.


May I ask how soon after the ritual did you start to get some kind of response from him?

I understand that each situation is different but it may well give people an idea so they don’t think that they need to keep repeating things or being in a state of ‘lusting for results’.



Did it yesterday Saturday night.



I have some questions for the spell above
I can do it for a girl who is not in the country right now she’s in Spain (I have to use a candle or I can cut it in two I do not wait long after the candle to burn) ?
If I had a pice of hair form her and I could put it on the girl picture?
At 1:00 am ok to do the spell (if English is not my native language I can translate what I say in the spell above in my language I do not think it would be a problem)
Can i put the candle on a smaller plate on the picture with the heart (so i can use it again and for security reasons).
After the spell is done what i do whit the picture and the left overs form the candle ?
I’m new and that’s why I ask more questions, sorry for trouble
I would appreciate if you respond quickly @C.Kendall

A good day

Have you read the whole thread? If so you will know that it’s a requirement to post an introduction before posting questions.

Then go and do the tutorials and they will tell you how to search the site to find most of the answers to your questions.

Sorry for the inconvenience

@C.Kendall after the candle has completely burned, what should we do with the paper with the heartagram?

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How do I pm I would like to pm please


You haven’t been on the forum for more than an hour and you’re already trying to PM someone? Please follow the rules and introduce yourself first. The ability to PM is restricted for just this reason.


This is entirely up to you … however I would burn the paper of the heartagram and feeling the flames burning the symbol releasing your desire into this world.


I wasn’t sure I was thinking I had to do a introduction thanks for telling me