How to pm someone?

How ca i pm someone??

The ability to send PMs is restricted until you reach a certain level of activity on the forum, If you do not yet see the little envelope icon, then you haven’t reached the threshold yet. Your profile is still at Basic level, and the ability to send private messages unlocks when you hit Member.

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I needed you but in private, ok don’t worry I wait till my basic account goes to regular

I was wondering the same thing. Is this just based on posts & views?

You don’t need “Regular,” that’s a higher level. You only need “Member” status ( look at your profile, where it says Trust Level, and that tells you where you’re at). You are probably close to the threshold, you just need to be a little more active.

Okay I was planning to thank you because you gave the right answers to my fears and if not for you I would’ve been in a worser state. You saved my life from blowing to pieces and now I’m only concerned about feeling extremely good and my subconscious mind will say: I will get a demonic possession. And you’ve said that it’s basically impossible to happen so thank you darkestknight I’ve got less worries


@DarkestKnight hi I feel like I can come to you if I have a certain problem, I’ve been doing lesser banishing and protection prayers. Does any type of magic lead into some kind of possession or demon possession? Because I’ve read a recent forum about sex magick and I’ve tried it and when ejaculating my subconscious mind said at the same time: I’m going to get a demonic possession. I know you’re annoyed maybe for asking it over again but this one is new and I’m doing exactly what people are saying

Awesome you guys thank you for your support. I love magic so much that it will not stop me from any problems that I’m facing

No. Contrary to Christian fear mongers, magick does not automatically open you up to demonic possession.

Your own fear is what will cause bad things to happen more than anything else.

What do you mean by Christian fear mongers? For example (not asking out of fear since I got rid of it): I’ve got a subconscious mind ruining things for me like saying “I want a possession” while I ejaculated (sorry thiis awkward) it still won’t automatically escalate to “that” what I fear. Was this a Christian fear monger thing? Just curious, really curious because many people doubt Christianity in this forum + I’m getting over my fear now because of you

What do you mean “automatically open up”? I do not ask this because of fear (got rid of it)) I ask this for wisdom because I’m really interested

By “fear monger” I mean anyone who tells you that messing with magick will get you demonically possessed in order to control what you do by making you afraid.

Your subconscious holds everything you have ever believed to be true. If it is full of fear, as yours seems to be, it is likely to make those fears come true if you don’t change your programming.

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It just doesn’t escalate into a possession. You’ve got the answers already: it won’t escalate at all whether you’ve done it by accident, whether your subconscious mind plays tricks on you while you ejaculated, you’ve already been answered, chances are very very small if not it won’t happen at all. It’s not even one percent of the chance that it’s going to happen. It’s never going to happen.

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So a possession is never ever going to happen no matter what magic I use, okay got that, nothing relates to demonic possession because spirits need to ask for permissions first and even demons need to ask permissions first, is this correct? I’m getting interested

I didn’t ask it out of fear, I just want to know for sure that it’s never ever going to happen. I have been asking this because I’m interested

Never going to happen. Either you asked for it or you’ve got brain damage. It’s never going to happen to you. @DarkestKnight already said it’s never going to happen.

Whether your subconscious mind is full of fear or not. In my opinion.

You know I didn’t see an envelope by your username?

You joined one day ago so you do not yet have the ability to PM someone. It’s restricted by the system until you reach a certain level of activity.

How do you increase your level?

First @Anon666, you have to properly introduce yourself. It is a rule here, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, etc: