Pact with Lucifer

Holy shit! So I made a pact with Lucifer the other day… And I just want to say he works so fucking fast!
it’s a little overwhelming but he tells me that I will get use to it… So suddenly my mom calls me and we haven’t talked in years… She spent so much money on me buying very important equipment that I needed for this pact… But that is not it… I went from 200 facebook friends to suddenly having thousands of friend requests within 24 hours… This is so crazy…its hard to keep up with all of these messages on FB and I kinda asked him WTF and Lucifer said it was only the beginning…
Holy shit it is happening so fast…


what did you ask for if you dont mind me asking

I asked for the platform of fame and fortune as a platform to spread my message. As a musician and my mom bought me the instruments I needed since mine were breaking and out of date…

He asked of me a few things in return… I bear his mark for one… My right hand burned it was so strange but I don’t SEE a mark
… Also… Some personal stuff between him and I :slight_smile: :laughing:


thats good to hear, :smiley:

Great work!

How was his treatment with you? Was it cruel and ugly? Can you talk a little about it?

lucifer does not act like that


What you mean brother?

lucifer is the most patient spirit u will ever meet. how could a spirit be so patient and be cruel or ugly?

He is so handsome , and he is patient and the lord of the light and dark. i suggest you read more about him or invoke him and see for yourself


To ask you what was the process or the steps of the pact with Lucifer

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