This gray witch just got darker

@Wednesday1313 did you cast the curse spell for her to make him pay for her bills? sound like he got into torture relationship of gold digger. =o)

Nope, that asshole did that all on his own. She manipulated him into it… And get this…He’s a Harvard educated psychiatrist! Seems like even the educated ones love cheap Internet pussy.

maybe he’s too unstable. Love causing trouble for self. Education from elite school don’t mean much to me. They are often brainwash with ego when they go to elite school and are blinded in many ways. Most have mental issues due to stubbornness that they are right in everything. and never wrong. There’s tons of examples of famous rich folks who went to elite school and they are mess up in the head. They have to be in order to think outside the box. Often times they have social issues. Mess up in the relationship department. Not all but most. cuz of ego that they think they better than everyone who didn’t go to elite school. They don’t realize that many can go to elite school, they just cant’ afford it. If you look at the numbers. Most elite school graduates are funded by rich parents.

Practically everyone famous ceo/ president of company that doing fraud in the last 20 yrs. went to elite school.

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Aww thats sucky. I was mostly just venting. I vent alot :joy:

Trying to get over my butthurt feelings and all.
But its all good I traded him for a crown :crown:

I’m sorry he was an asshole. Most men are though. Except for Darkestknight … Darkestknight is awesome.

sometimes our frog don’t turn to a prince or princess. =o) Just gotta move on to the next magickal frog. haha.

Well you nailed it! He has Asperger traits (not that I judge him for that) but he has definite social issues so I can see how she is able to manipulate him. Also self-esteem issues, he dates below him… I definitely didn’t go to an Ivy League school… I paid for my PhD in psychology through student loans.

Oh God your story sounds so much like mine.

Ive had some “frogs” regress back into tadpoles…

possible. and doable the way people are these days being social inept and glue to texting /social media on phones. They don’t understand live interaction.

I’m so sorry to hear that lol. My “story” sucks SO bad right now lol

I’m so happy this thread is doing so well. Finding others that understand, we can vent knowing someone is like “I get it” …maybe even laugh a bit.

Eventually we are gonna have to throw away that canvas and start a new one. As some canvas is too muddy and you can’t reuse it or fix it.

I agree 1000000000% however…

Sometimes you can paint over it and get something more amazing too. (History tidbit) Actually Vincent Van Gogh was infamous for doing so while he was studying in art school.

I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve. I’m taking the route of removing some “layers” (a bitch he and i both hate actually. His wife but nonetheless) in hopes he will in turn start speaking to me again. After tomorrow im totally done. No more spells.

I’m so sorry honey.


Sure you’ll do more spells. On other areas of your life to better your life.

i’m been in art classes. sometimes it’s better to just use a whole new paper or canvas than recycle. Also in his days, he didn’t have luxury of canvas and paper materials. we mass produce art materials these days. =o) Certain things you can’t get rid of when stuck to canvas. IF you look under famous artist work, there are layers of stuff under. It’s sometimes best to start fresh and clean. It’s just a good metaphor for life. Keeping the messy work underneath might make it harder to move on. Metaphorically speaking.

Will definately do more. I think im actually addicted to spellcasting lol. Just no more on him. I think he is just too strong willed and tough to crack magically. I did one on the bitch on Tuesday and his is tomorrow. If it wasnt for needed Venus and Lilith and the Full moon being tomorrow (on a Friday) Im not sure I would even bother with another but its too perfect. Last try for me. Having him isnt going to make or break me. But I would really love for us to talk again. Shit in 35 years I can count on my left hand really memorable moments with him. That’s sad but I would like more honestly. Tomorrow its up to him I guess.

The discovered it was his as they xrayed the canvas and found his signature (I think) underneath. He was much to poor but determined to stay in his classed so he reused them. It was a pretty awesome discovery.

He got rich after his death. =o) not that it helps his living standards by then. =o( Seems i’ll be on the same path. rich after death. haha.

There are so many out there who feel same way… you are still lucky to have King and Duke imagine those who have no way of finding alternate… But happy for you that you have found the way … may satan protect you…

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I did a Tarot reading to check in on my two targets (they live together)

Seems as though something is brewing

Six of Pentacles with clarifiers of Seven of Wands and The Empress which seems that someone is fighting and begging (her).

Knight of Swords meaning this fight is not ending soon and will get worse

Strength and Ace of Swords
A conflict and show of force.

Sounds like things are going very “well” (as in I wish i was a fly on THAT wall)

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Had a dream last night. Message came through loud and clear.

I use a book to interpret my cards and sometimes get a bit frustrated with the meanings.

“Take book explanations and start putting it aside”

I heard ya loud and clear and will try my best. I know im being told to use my own intuition. I’m pretty sure it was King Paimon telling me so.