Bune success

I evoked bune using the demons of magick method asking for more scoring gigs. a week later a well known agency I’m working with randomly told me when I emailed that they’ll be giving gigs which was completely unexpected. I thank and grateful for Bunes work. This was the most WTF result I ever had with Bune


Duchess Bune is wonderful! She is super generous and good to her people. She likes cherry wine and if you can find a chocolate cherry soda for an offering. With a golden candle. :black_heart:


Hail Bune!


And Cherry Red Lollipops. Everytime I call upon her she is always sucking on one of those while gazing at me with deep soulful eyes. I love it when she does that; looks very intriguing.


Bune likes chocolate puddings too, especially the terrys orange sponge ones.

I love Bune, congrats on your results


In the book he is called bime. Did you call him by bune or bime?


Buné was the first I ever called on and we are still quite close to this very day. Her personality is quite remarkable, very caring and full of wisdom. I’d highly recommend reaching out to Buné for anyone new, she can be a great teacher and introduction to Goetia magick.


Just want to give thanks to success with bune ,I love her she is so beutifull and attentive .this was my first time doing a ritual with her ,this what I did I meditated on her sigil and keep saying her enn then I light up some green candles and put m6 blood on the sigil light the insence and starting asking her when I felt the connection I ask her for 5 thousand dollars my freind out no where I’m going to start giving two hundred dollars every day ,it’s was amazing what bune can do for you if you put your heart into it ,I feel real connected to her .ohh h also I also have her chocolate pudding she loves those and Jasmine bune is the fastes working goddess I dealt with hail bune success lov3 bune you all praised each and every way to you ,speak from the heart if your are in need give reason purpose and what is for she is amazing bune success you are the best…Also to was on 24 dec,but it started in 26 of Dec I gave her Jasmine and light some candles as well I don’t know what phase the moon it was ,but it was perfect timing peace to all hail bune duchess


Excellent! Bune just loves the chocolate pudding. I really need to evoke Bune just to feel the lovely energy. Well done



I prayed for a relatively high sum of money. And I received it in the most unexpected ways infact more than I asked for. So many things I wished in my prayer came true. It feels so peaceful and comforting praying to Bune. It feel almost unreal how it all came true.


Hey guys I had summoned Duke bune on 13 December 2019 and immediately next day i got success.

I had summoned Duke, Duke Bune to help me pay by fathers rent. And I was running low on cash and the next day one of my friend showed up and I casually asked him if he had around $200 with him and If I could borrow it. And he immediately gave it to me. This is like 9th or 10th time I’m working with Duke Bune and I’ve always gotten result.

I guess you’ve to trust the process of ritual and you dont have to be greedy and be honest and Duke Bune will deliver it his side of deal. And then you’ve to do it your side of the deal.

I hope my input helps here. So to anyone who is reading go ahead and do the ritual.

Hail Bune
Hail Bune
Hail Bune


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I was in a very bad place fee days back. I did not even have enough for food. And I asked Bune for help. And she came through like always and found 2 people to help. I’m comfortable now. Thank you Bune

Hail Bune
Hail Bune
Hail Bune

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What prayer did you say to bune… I need to do the same

I had to deal with a critical situation and needed Bunes help bad. Bune helped me handle the situation and kept me safe. It did not go exactly tye way I wanted but the end result was a success. Bune really helped me out.

Hail Bune.

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