Who here gets it? Just curious

Well now I’m very curious :joy: as I’ve been trying to work out the “key” or code for a few years

I’m currently doing NAP and have had a little success in the past but I stumbled across a website a while back I can’t find anymore where an author appeared to be implying that it held power but kind of you had to know stuff to decode it and I often think of the scripture “those who have eyes to see and ears to hear”


That might possibly have been this very forum. If you look for posts by the user @emperor on NAP you will find that he has expanded the system enormously. It’s beyond my scope to be honest, but maybe it’s what you are looking for.


Low self-esteem, immaturity/naivete, big ego, laziness, entitlement, humorlessness, a feeling of helplessness, drives a lot of these types. They are unable to live the life they want due to their lack of positive thinking and hard work, and so they look for magical shortcuts, and magical handouts. And they may get what they (think) they want; or they may get crumbs. Spirits are happy to oblige a willing dupe; they have their own games to play at a mere mortal’s expense.

Either way their gains are ephemeral not permanent, and soon they will find themselves back where they started - or possibly worse.

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I came because I’ve found this forum as its popped up in search results for occult stuff. Yeah, originally I wanted help with a love spell, lol, but I definitely enjoy filling my brain with as much knowledge as possible of different forms of magic before setting those practices in motion. Yes, I do practice, and frequently.


Off top but… Oh my, sounds like description of every teenager tormented by puberty…


Yeah it is. Its a phase we all go through in the process of self discovery that happens in adolescence and probably why we have so many teenagers on this forum. Lol


Well you have learned me something yet. I had no idea that Baphomet was originally an Egyptian God/Deity. My first experience with Baphomet (or whoever the hell came and bothered me) was traumatic and so I never researched or sought more information. I delved into Solomic angelic work then became familiar with all the the Goetica and somewhat familiar with the angels/demons of the Kabbalah and Qliphoth.
Thanks for the info.

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I really liked all the Serpentine / Kundalini imagery you posted from different cultures. I am particularly fond of the Sumerian ones that depict Enki as the bringer of Illumination.

Once you go through a Kundalini awakening, you start seeing everything in terms of slithering, serpentine energy and references to it pop up everywhere, across all cultures.

There really is nothing complicated about any of it, but humans like to create elaborate ruses, myths and secret code to hide the truth from each other and keep it for a select few only. This really is wholly unnecessary.

Same thing with Devas, creating all these hierarchies, races, classes and subclasses is simply a trick to fool and distract the rational mind.

There is Spirit, we are all it and we are all one.

That is about the extent of the Great Secret that all these esoteric schools are trying to hide from each other and the public at large. Just my opinion, but it’s a good one, if I say so myself :wink:


I “get it”, they hide the “secrets” because real knowledge/wisdom is earned, not given.

As above, so below.
As below, so above.

Look into astro theology / astronomy, and alchemy if you want good answers.
Best to learn some etymology while you are at it, meaning of words etc.
Phosp-Horus. Sodium Hydroxide, Cyanide.

Solve /\ Coagula

It’s all about the heavens and the earth, vibration / rhytm and chemical processes etc.


We are the bridge between the micro and macro. When we learn to tap into the infinite power that we are made up of, miracles happen.


My question is, besides of how to summon a demon,…why do people want their ex back?
Even if it would work getting the ex- partner back than those lovy-dovey feelings are not real, or am i seeing that wrong.
Maybe summoning a demon helping with having an open heart and mind to be found or findiing the right person to be with maybe works better.
But this is just my opinion and you can take it for what it is.

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Out of curiosity, what are you using to get these gematria results? English word values equivalent to the number values, Greek, or Hebrew?

I agree the shin being used instead of samekh for “s” in sophia could be a blind, but it would really depend on how you go about getting your gematria values. It’s always intriguing transliterating and finding equivalents, but it seems to be taking leaps and going with anything that fits. It’s pretty cool when it does.

True gematria should stick with the original language of the word or name, imho. Sophia in greek gematria to find other greek words and names with the same numerical value. Plus, Hebrew and Greek are much more useful than English for these purposes… But that’s just my 2 cents.

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I used the words as they were given in the image in this thread.
Shin 300
Vav 6
Peh 80
Yod 10
Aleph 1

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I mean “deceit”, “trickery”, etc.


For that I made use of the wonderful work of Bill Heidrick

Very useful and saves a lot of time :smile:

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Hmm. Thanks. So, I checked on that word. The Hebrew root: nun-shin-aleph means to lead astray. mem-shin-aleph is derived from nun-shin-hey, which means to lend or borrow.

Ah, he’s a thelemite…

Check out https://www.ancient-hebrew.org/roots-words/about-hebrew-nouns-and-verbs.htm
To make a noun from the root, the waw-nun suffix just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Interestingly, the deceive bit may work considering

It just doesn’t make sense in the form on his list. Ofc, these guys don’t much care for the language. Just for making giant occult leaps…

Where did you find “occult” for 157? http://www.billheidrick.com/works/hgm2.htm#100. Can’t seem to find it.

I dunno, man. I don’t think this list is very reliable. This is why I stay away from Thelema and Golden Dawn for Hebrew stuff. They just kind of force things and don’t seem to bother about the fact that the Hebrew is not in agreement. I remember Crowley writing that said the final hey in YHWH was a “hey final” which represented Earth. Problem is, there is no such thing as “hey final”. It does have a usage that gets a dagesh(dot) in certain cirumstances at the end of a word, but it’s not a “sofit” or final form.

Thanks though, Hebrew is pretty complex. If anything I can use this as a start. Prune what I find useful in my studies. :smiley:


777 by Crowley

Than don’t use it :+1:t2:


Fair enough. :joy: