A meditation for you all - meditation of Lucifer

raises hand excuse me. What if we just so happen to be really. Really. REALLY. Bad at memorization?

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Thank you!
I recently took the full swim into the LHP. I tried this meditation tonight and it was incredible. I felt totally at peace, I played the Lucifer enn in the background as I visualized and meditated.
I asked Lucifer for a sign that he was here with me. I looked up at my flat screen TV which was off and could make a faint shadow shape. I then felt an amazing vibrating energy around my body.
As odd as it sounds it started inwards and made my flesh get goosebumps, but not in a scary way, more of an electric feeling as when you are about to get hit by lightning.
I now feel totally energized, I hope I can get some sleep.
Thank you once again for this, it really helps us newbies.
Much love.

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Is there an audio or video recording of this meditation? Because of memory problems, I find it hard to remember instructions. I do better with guided meditation.


Unfortunately not. Most occult works are written or taught in person.

You could always make your own. :blush:

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Actually I agree with Epsilon. Make your own recording and actually guide yourself through the entire meditation. Just make sure to pace your visualization parts as those take a bit of time to construct…At least for me.

This is great. I only half-proper did it since I’m at work and can definitely feel the mojo.

Fuck i thought k P.Md that

@WaveGod_L Really? That’s cool, I’ll definitely have to give the meditation a try. What kind of buzz would you compare it to, closest? You know, when I make contact with Marquise Orias, I often get a warm, soothing calm feeling, kinda reminiscent of a light opioid buzz. His presence is always so pleasant feeling and I feel his presence more often than the other two spirits I mainly contact (Crown Prince Lucifer and King Paimon). The first time I make contact with a spirit generally feels stronger and, the first time I felt the presence of Orias, it felt almost like my arms were about to float up (I was resting them on a table) and I had such a nice feeling of tranquility and calming, “it’s all gonna be okay”. I was almost mesmerized. And, reading your post about about the Lucifer meditation is cool because I’ve really been meaning to develop a stronger connection and relationship with him.

When this batch of home made wine I have in the works (I make a good, sweet, and strong wine that’s about 16 to 20% ABV because of all the sugar I use) finishes “cooking”, I’ll have to offer him some and plan on doing this meditation then, and see if he likes the Kiwi Strawberry, Grape, or Cranberry Grape best, along with some nice chocolate and/or some other kinds of sweets I have on hand. I think he’ll appreciate the wine, as it’s good, strong, it’s something I make myself, put a lot of care into, has that personal “hey, check out what I made” touch so it’s more personal, and I hear that he likes his wine and sweets (alcohol and sweets seem to be appreciated by a great many). I’ve already invited Crown Prince Lucifer, Marquise Orias, and King Paimon into my heart, body, life, soul, dreams, mind, etc…, asking for assistance, connection, friendship, a good relationship, and so on, so the way should be open to these entities and I’m just going to jump right in. Meditation is hard for me but I’ve always been respectful, honest, sincere, etc… with them, so I think he should be open to it and be cool. They all know I have self serving reasons for wanting to work with/petitioning them, as well as genuinely want a relationship with them, knowledge, getting to know them, etc… Thanks for sharing your experience, and thanks to @C.Kendall for posting the meditation. Oh, BTW, does it matter how the crown looks as I visualize it? I like how it requires no tools, just visualization, since I don’ really use tools (one of the advantages of growing up an only child and playing by myself a lot as a kid is a good imagination). My “candle” is probably going to be a dim nightlight and I can’t really burn incense/herbs/anything really in my house. When you merge and become one with Lucifer during this meditation, how long do you stay “merged”, and will this affect my work with Orias? I don’t want to disrespect or piss anybody off.

Bringing this back to say that this meditation combined with this song is intensely powerful.

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Is Shiva in Hindu mythology actually Lucifer?. It is said that Shiva is the source of both good and evil. He is the one with many contradictory elements. He wears a serpent around his neck and holds a trident also. He is worshipped by Gods, demons and humans. It is believed that his followers are ghosts, ghouls and demons and he is their master. The tantrics (socerers) in India worship him to gain power. He is easily pleased and therefore he is called Bholenath (the innocent master). He ( Shiva) is known by many names and one of his other name is Bhoothnath (Lord of the ghosts). Seems like he has a striking resemblance with Lucifer. So, Shiva and Lucifer are same?. Please let me know.

@Phosphorus1: Just read your post. Shiva is very complex to understand, yet very easy to comprehend. I know that’s a contradiction, let me explain. Have you heard of the concept of “Advaita(duality)”. You need to understand about the concepts of Advaita to understand Shiva. Essentially, Shiva is everything, yet he is nothing. Is Lucifer a part of everything, if yes, he is Shiva.
The concept of god is little confusing to a few people. Essentially think of God as a massive energy. Now, we all know that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed but can only be transformed or re-arranged. We also know that all energy be it at an atomic level or sub-atomic level of particles can only exist if there is positive energy(proton +), negative energy(electron - ), and without this there will be no balance restoration, essentially circuits will get shorted out. That being said, if Shiva or God is the energy, he or she is a combination of positive and negative energies so that things are balanced out. So, demons aren’t all always bad, Gods aren’t all always good.
Back to your question of “Is Shiva Lucifer” - Shiva is everything - and Lucifer is a part of everything, you and I are also a part of this everything which means, you, I and Lucifer are all part of Shiva.
Sorry for the very detailed answer, but I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Hopefully this will make some one other the me laugh my ass off …so last week or so I have been meditating on a sigil I drew to connect with Lucifer. Charging with my energy my voice even offering my semen to Lucifer through the sigil . The other day I felt the desire to make a blood offering onto the sigil BUT I hessitated and didn’t. …last night same thing but know I felt more like it was instructions on what I needed to do for that deeper connection YET AGAIN I decided to wait …well tonight I park my truck planning and excited for my meditation and ritual time I opened a compartment door on the truck and WHACK right in the fucking face split my lip wide open …(laughing out load again) I spit saw red and said out loud oh shit I’m bleeding jumped up in the truck and gave my bloody saliva to Lucifer on his sigil …thinking the whole time pushy fucker hahaha anyway …everyone have a great night Much Love and Respect



Just felt compelled to share I had a tremendous experinace two nights in a row now last night finally after getting my blood on Lucifer sigil I was given the smallest taste of his infernal radiation …and tonight as I promised vto create a sigil worthy of Asmoday and Samael both doing my best in a big rig lmfao I brought myself to center and started my meditations after I was 100 percent sure both new sigils were alive I extinguished the candel thanking each deeply for putting their spirit in them for me …THIS IS IN THE DARK THE MAGIC ACTUALLY CAME TO ME . I saw them absolutely full form no details but 3 very large black as black spectors I again thanked them for opening my eyes to them I started to take up different hand an arm positions …no I’m not honest they were inside me moving my body in what felt like positions that had meeni g to them ? Maby one I am clear on my right arm was bent up 90 at my elbow my right hand bent out stretched palm up …my left was the same but in a downward direction…my legs were bent 45 at the knees and my whole body felt like it was locked up in a cramp but no pain I know some how this was receiving energy and grounding it …then MY hands and arms as the moved around were also the darkest black but fucking dripping with a fluid like elc …I saw the edge of the cosmos . This is when I started talking and asking questions and they started showing me my answers in clear visions that I could turn spin study these things are for me sorry personal …at some point I looked at them and without thinking I pushed my PITCH BLACK hand into Asmodays specter and I COULD NOT SEE MU FUCKING HAND this was my left hand withdraing it I pushed my right hand into Samaels specter and same thing it was inside him I could no longer see my hand …this is when I got the feeling it was time to leave so I again thanked thank for everything told them they are free to do their will if it’s to leave so be it if it’s to stay around they are welcome and to please come when I call them …and that’s s was it
My alter is pathetic in appointment I don’t yet have tones of money for the biggest best supplies but on EA’S ADVICE I put aside my worries of inadiaquacy of the supply’s and used that freed up emotions to reenforce my intentions another peice of advice I recived and will share was just fucking go with what’s feels right I am alone no one is watching don’t hold back …and I have truely done my best to open and the rewards have started to come …man I recorded the sound of my meditiation I am looking fwd to trying to dicect it …good luck to everyone
Much Love and Respect

you said we are gonna become one with that entity! is that permanent? also, am i can have full control of my mind and body? last question: should i turn lights off and light candles before doing this? if yes, can i use my baphomet altar cloth and place a black candle in the middle with the sigil in front of it, and have three white candles on north and east and wast? i am a newbie i just want to make sure i am gonna do it right.

@C.Kendall this is very helpful. I’ve been searching for a way to connect with my Father Lucifer and I truly believe that this is it.

Hi Connor, I am reasonably new to the left hand path. Over a year ago I became aware of not only beings and live entities around me but also seeing them in dreams and waking flashes. All this time I have been flooding forums etc (including this one) asking people what it all meant and why me.

On my ongoing quest for answers from others I discovered that through this beautiful meditation I could actually commune with Lucifer. I have not really meditated before but I found this meditation really relaxing and easy to do.
I realised that the answers I seek were within myself and not without.

After the meditation I asked Lucifer for guidance as I was being pulled in too many different directions trying to find answers.
Lucifer used my mind to reply. He said ‘I am not Westerbobby anymore’. I knew exactly what he meant. Westerbobby is the name I use on the forums.

I asked him another question more personal to me and he influenced me to keep staring at the candle I had lit for him. I stared until I became a little dizzy. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to place my hand over the burning candle. I was hesitant at first but after a few seconds I slowly put my hand over the candle, felt heat and pulled my hand back quickly. Lucifer then influenced me to place my hand over the candle again. I still felt a little dizzy. I put my hand over the candle just above the flame and I felt the sting of the candle on the inside of my hand. I pulled my hand back and laid my hands back on my lap. In my mind came the thought 'the ‘result of my personal question’ (my phrase) will occur when I place my hand over the flame and I will feel no pain.

I am going to continue with Lucifers meditation as I felt so amazingly close to him. For a while now I felt inside that I was being emotionally torn all over the place. Yesterday while feeling so close to Lucifer I felt that he had opened his arms to me and I had threw myself into them. The loving arms of a Father.
Thank you Connor.

you’re so beautiful

I have to ask you is this all like a game or in our head bc i really felt someone watching me and coming closer to me when i did this and then i stopped as i felt something touch the top of my head

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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the Dark Lord :wilted_flower: actually just in general…
I could sit in front of you and just listen to all that you had to say… I’d soak up every detail like a limitless knowledge sponge :relaxed:

I am insanely excited for tonight is a full moon :two_hearts:

Wishing you a wonderful evening

**I really appreciate everyone who’s helped me along the way :two_hearts:


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