Hello.My name is Darko

Yeah,thats my acual name,means gift in my language…Anyways,hello peeps,i signed up here to see for myself if i can learn something interesting and if this is just a place for crazy ppl or maybe you are on to something…In any case,this is something new and interesting for me…Acually not so new since everything supernatural including religion and origin of religion,ancient world and rituals were always something of interest for me…If you think by now i am some sceptical troll ,i am not,if i could tell you what i seek in life with one word ,it would be the truth,bc i think it will set me free and give me a cause to fight in this demented world.

I was acually reading up on some sigils on paymon and bael here,bc i am making a collection of demon sigils in a notebook bc they look supercool and i am planning to use them at some point to see if there is anything more then this boring routine i am living right now…

If you have a bit of time on your hands i would apreciate very much if you could tell me some basic stuff about best demons and evocations to work with,or the fastest way i can prove to myself that these things are real and worth my time.

PS You can read my bio for further introduction,thanks anyways.Also,i had some weird dreams and visions when i was younger,and by now ,i think i have a mild form of DID or just a demon stuck from some previous failed evocation i did long time ago,in any case,something i would like to talk to someone about more in deapth…Cheers


Hi,nice to meet you,admins of this forum suggest you to post an introduction in this thread, otherwise your posts will be deleted

I don’t really work with them but… that being said it’s generally a good idea to shower before a ritual and do it in a clean space to show your respect… imagine your going in for a interview… of sorts… also apparently if your using candles they don’t like it if you blow them out… forget why… but you’ve gotta use your finger or a tool to smother it… burning white sage or ringing a singing bowl before the ritual can aid with clearing out negative energies and entities! Be quick and be direct! With what you want… they may be patient but they are also busy! Also be aware that some entities will try and impersonat them… so just ask if they are of Satan to clear em out!

Well hello aren’t you in my Group the dark brotherhood in our country :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: