How to awaken my lust and the beast inside of me?

Hello everyone,
I am a very passionate person, i would say the passion is burning in me. In my mind i am also a very lustful person, very kinky, but it is very hard to awaken it, to release it. It is also very hard to release the beast in me outside. I wanted to know which is the best Demon to help me awaken the lust and the beast in me. Not for just bringing any girl to my bed, i actually have one but she is insatiable and i seek to match the same level.

Also what would be the proper way to achieve this? I am practicing mostly meditation and Enn chanting.
Thank you.


AHahahah!!! My shadow can help you! Besides that, Belial, Andras, and Asmodeus. In fact invoke Belial and Asmoday daily and you will see massive results. Draw their sigils on your body.


Porn has always helped me with this issue…

But besides that, you could always do like a lust spell on yourself.


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I think i have missed the joke…
Anyways, yes i am working with Asmodeous and Belial actually, In fact i had a really powerful invokation of Asmodeous that granted me a glimpse to the beast in me and allowed me for once to feel like a God. Although it was simply from meditation and Enn Chanting.


How to do lust spell on oneself? Is it to bring out sexuality or for some other purpose?

that or to increase sex drive

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You mean doing lust spell on yourself helps you to bring out your sexuality and increase sex drive?
If so, how to do a lust spell on yourself?

How do you use porn? Porn gives false fantasies and paints false picture on how great sex can be.


True, i am trying to stay away from porn actually. As it is also destroys my imagination and let’s me be cling to false reality rather than enjoying the moment with the one i love and with.

So i don’t think porn is a good way.

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Oh also… Shadowmancy will help you

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I actually understood now that the best way is to work with the divine mother Lilith.

I had thought about this before getting my first tattoo. What can I expect if I have their sigils on my body in fact any sigil? Is it like evoking the demon permanently like having him/her by your side? Any biological change to the body?

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I guess Prince Sitri would help, especially where lust is in question, He is the best guy, just be specific with your intent.
Like @chthonicmagus I do not recommend porn, because in the longer term, it may modify the brain and especially lust centers because you see so much kink at once and this means so much dopamine for the brain, there are cases where it may lead even to ED because real sex will mean less dopamine in time and may became less interesting for the brain. Maybe it may add some spice but in short porn is not the best option and less is better, another scientific solution, even unhealthy and not recommended is to go on steroids where your hormones will peak and hence the drive, but then again Sitri is the best option for lust, Sallos also.

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Haven’t tattooed personally. Yes I would assume it’s similar to an offering of blood

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Take two tablets of Asmodeus three times daily for 30 days.

But seriously Asmodeus could help you. I also work with my Patron African deities on every issue that arises.


Yes, i do work with him. I was also recommended strongly to work with Goddess Lilith.
Is there a problem if the only kind of work i can do (currently) is meditating and chanting Enns?

Well I’m not usually a very sexual person- i’m normally awkward and shy but watching that brings out my lustful side so…

also no it doesn’t?

Seems it is working for you but for guys porn works differently I guess.

Imagine when getting the sigils as tattoo the blood comes out and seeps back in to the sigil :grin: