Legitimate Sources for learning how to work with Djinn and Elementals

Yes,go to daemonicdreams,store.buy the devasting djjin magic.it cost,$80 buks.tat guy.owner is honest.tat book will answer every qestion.sadrah books? Not 4 me.just wasted time& money,and haed to practice.just get the devasting djiin magic.it better,

I assume this is the book:

Can you share what results you obtained from using the information in that book?

Sorry,i cant,but i can tell ya ppl,love tat book,also i knw some shorts booklets,which can get tat idea.but tis book,is much better.ntng hide.rob care about customers.its my best choice,for me.good luck,

So what you mean is, if I understand you, by using that book alone, results are possible, and successful contact and cooperation with Djinn can be achieved, without external “secret initiations” etc.?

Yes,it work,my englis is not good,i can try my best,tis book is a good,work.connection.reference,etc.i honestily can recommend tis to anyone who want to knw about djjins work,

Also, one may want to look into “The book of Smokeless Fire” from nephilim press. I believe that it has reference material in there as far as working with Djinn, though to my understanding its mostly baneful workings and such.

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Smokeless fire is not really what I would look to for classic work with Djinn. Qayin made up his own system which from what I have seen is certainly workable but when you put in that much work and intention into something it can provide results regardless of if an entity worked on your behalf.

Just a couple weeks ago, I received a beautiful copy of “The Book of Smokeless Fire” by S. Ben Qayin (thanks Gozer!). It’s published by my friends over at Nephilim Press. It is an impressive tome without a doubt, as far as the paper stock, binding, copper foil stamp, placeholder ribbon - all the frills that at this point are pretty much expected with any serious modern grimoire, yet still are able to speak volumes about the book itself.

As far as what that beautiful binding is holding in place, the book is great, and very much needed. He seems to take an approach that I always favor: He takes the bullshit out, he hands you the basics of who/what the Djinn are, what they can do for you, he lays out the basic laws that govern the system, and then he fills in any gaps with the elementary principles that allow the magickal process to move forward.

My only criticism of this work is actually the thing I also like about it: It’s an operational grimoire, which means that it’s not weighted down by monodeist dick measuring, but breaks the whole system down to its most simple form. However, this could also mean that the magick that you’ll be using out of this book may not be the same form of magick employed by the ancient Magi. It seems instead to be, again, a simplified, modern, westernized approach to the Djinn.

Now, do keep in mind that the “original, authentic” magickal system used in Islam and Zoroastrianism was not a pure, original, authentic creation delivered from Allah or Ahura Mazda, but instead was stolen from the early pagan cultures in the area (such as the Nabataeans, who represented their gods with black cubes, and worshipped the stars and held meteorites as sacred generations before the Kaaba and Allah was a even twinkle in Mohammad’s great-grandpas’s eyel)

And, at the end of the day, this text is usable. I’ve searched through and worked through several systems of Djinn Calling, and many of them are proven to be unworkable during the implement gathering and consecration stages. And, most of the extant systems out there do the same thing that xtians did to western grimoires: they’ve bleached the system as an attempt to sanitize it, but just end up washing out the vibrant color that otherwise would lead you into an immersive experience with the thing; AND, they clutter up the whole practice with “divine” names, which are also taken from more ancient godnames and mutated, and then called “the one true blah blah blah.”

And, on a practical level, I’ve worked some of the callings from the book, and they absolutely do work!



Yay, E.A. long time no see.

I agree with your assessment of “Smokeless Fire” I read it at the same time I was reading “The Book of Abraxas” during my meditations on these two and had a breakthrough. It was awesome to really break down the works to their basic nuts and bolt, then check other systems of magic and see the same nuts and bolts.

I don’t know why it was such a breakthrough as this is the same stuff that folks have been saying for years, but it was like it all finally clicked.

Though it is not a traditional source, Smokeless Fire does have some good info about the Djinn. I think it would be a great starting point for someone interested in Djinn.

Muslims insist that everything they do is “different” from what everyone else does because they’ve got the “true knowledge.” But when you dig through the names of the “Djinn” in Islamic grimoires, you start noticing that everything’s just a variant spelling of the “demons” in Christian grimoires, which are all just altered spellings of the names in earlier Greek manuscripts, etc. (Interesting tidbit - famous UFO visitors gave names that uncyphered to the exact same names AGAIN, and we run into the same names in fairy lore as well…)

One thing I thought was very interesting was that, for me at least, many “demons,” especially the “big” ones have the trademark appearance of various Djinn families. For example, Amaymon first showed up the indigo blue of the Marid, Lucifuge Rofocale was red, Satan had the black, muscular smoke-man appearance of the Sheitan… I didn’t know anything about “Djinn families” or colors at the time, though I suppose it could be coincidental. I also didn’t see much connection between color and any of the things the colors are supposed to represent. The red and black guys have all seemed pretty friendly to me… (Huge caveat here-- the spirits alleged by others to be the most sinister/dangerous/violent are always the friendliest ones to ME.)

I wonder if there really is a difference between Djinn/Daemons/Demons/Elementals/etc, or if the real difference is in the underlying system - the framework employed in calling them. There seem to be a lot of implicit instructions that determine which “mask” or “facet” of the underlying energy you get.

Sorry,mr e.a,but i got tat book.its a dangerous book yes,its.but my frie,magic.say its a copy of another.od he madeup the seals,etc. Dnt,work whit it yet,nyway,pretty book.and affordable price.sorry,if i hurt feelings.but i just hold tat book.4 while.im being honest.

An author who goes by the name of Nineveh Shadrach has put out several publications on the subject of Djinn. A while back I picked up one titled “The Book of Deadly Names”. The first night the book was in my house, they made their presence known to me without my even having to perform a ritual or evocation.

Not guaranteeing you’ll get the same immediate results. Just saying his stuff has worked for me.

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Can you elaborate?

Al Toukhi - Red Magick

Not worked yet with it but bits got lots of rituals specially love ones. Its spells are very long in some cases like the callings of Goetia and mixes with religious stuff jewish and christian

PM sent.

Sultitan I’m not trying to seem lazy here but I’m intrigued if you’ve already connected a lot of these dots: have you considered compiling a brief list of correspondences between the names in different traditions like you did with the hierarchy thread?

Personally I still believe that each iteration is an independent inflection that might as well be unique in at least -some- regard, but there does seem to be something there. If you don’t want to do it I will gladly accept just a nudge in the right direction, if it’s not any trouble.

Sorry op…

I love working with the djinn, especially with the Marid. Good luck with them.

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you mean this book?
i bought when i saw your comment but mine was $15,
so i want to know if i bought the right one

Djinn book cover

Hexa, no no tis book. Try Ashanti star.on Amazon ebooks.its cheap fast.basic.and 1 book by s.rob.another author.then u can try corwin hargrove his dijin ebook…no try to buy the niniveh books yet just get a idea.learn basics from there move on.tis ebooks I mentioned will buy 40-60 usa.instead of buying a $100.and up book. Then u can pm and lyk more books. I never read the book u post but I suppose it’s basic.