Thank You Sallos ❤️

I can’t tell you guys how happy I am because of Sallos.
He is the strongest demon of all.He gave me what I wanted in one week.
Thank you Sallos.I love you soooo much.


Please introduce yourself in our Intro thread and let us know a bit about yourself and your magical experience. It is one of the rules of this forum:


How did you summon him and he bring the person you’ll want to you? He is an amazing duke!!!

On Thursday
During Venus hour
I sat towards to West
With red candle,very expensive incence,his sigil,photo,a bowl of water,I put aster in it,banana liqueur.


He is truly great and very generous. I will petition him time and time again because he is so powerful and usually very timely with results.



So i want the help form the Sallos.
What do i need to summon him ?
1-2 red candles, his sigil and picture of the girl i want to bring to me ?
After this what should i do next ? this is the hard part

Hello I’m topsy and new to this forum, I have had bad experiences with love in the past and recently reopened my heart to love again. It now I’m going through the same painful experience, I had an abortion for the guy 5 days ago and now he has left me, I want him back , I want him to be obsessed with me and I want control over him, what can I do?


I believe @Black_sensei already introduced themselves back on June 8th. I just checked their profile.

That is not for him but replying to @Beauty


Gotcha. My mistake. :wink:

Not familiar with Sallos, but SITRI is helping me.

I am happy for you that you had success and got what you wanted. Can you please tell me one thing…

You mentioned you had a bowl with aster and banana liqueur…red candle…Where do you know from,that you need to keep all these things there when summoning him? Is there any website to find out also for other demons which day and hour to summon them ? and what to keep as an offering like you did?
I would be very thankful to you.