New Member Succubus Help Please?

Hey How can I talk with you ? about succubus ! Can you write me on FaceBook? Need some help!

I did the ritual with letter blood pentagram and candles. I can only now fell some one touching my lover part of the bo
dy that it?

Welcome to the forum, @Lynx_Samurai. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


Hi! :smiley:

I have made this its own topic so as to not derail the thread about the Universal Circle.

You replied to me specifically so I will reply, I do not use facebook (and this forum is where we ask people hold conversations, not as a place to invite to other social media :wink: ) and I am not with a succubus, per se, but the touch you experienced is a good start.

Good start?

Yes, magick increases the effects as you increase the time and work put in.

One does not go to the gym once and walk out looking like this:


In the same way, one single act of magick will not lead immediately to full physical (or physically tangible) evocations, BUT you seem to have got off to a very good start and perservering with evoking the succubus, trying to communicate with her, and also studying other methods of magick as well (like working different muscle groups in the gym for total fitness) will all help. :+1: