Hi guys i am looking for demons for cursing and hexing

Which a demon i should work with comes to curses and hexing

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Hello friend. For curses i can recommend Glasya Labolas. Powerful entity for curses. Also Eurynomus could work.

Good luck

Yes these spirits will work quite well for hexes and curses!

There really are no shortage of spirits for hexing and cursing. Asmodeus, Andras, Focolor, Vepar, Azazel, Svengalli, Tezrian, Abbadon (the list goes on, and on, and on)… and remember, a spirit that can do a certain thing can also do its opposite.

For example Marbas’ primary area of expertise is in healing the mechanics of the body. Although he may be called to throw a monkey wrench into the works as well. Like giving someone cancer, or autoimmune conditions. However, I would caution you, be damn well sure you are justified in your actions if you ask a healing spirit to inflict disease!