The difference between the demons

What is the difference between the demons that create love and lust. Is it just down personal preference. Demons like gremory beleth, sallos all create love. What’s the difference between these entities do they manifest results differently? Thanks for the help. Besides sitri I know he’s for lust

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Lust is having people want you. Desire you. Love is love. Different things for different results.



Their prefered areas of expertise vary. For example i am working with Beleth and sitri in order to learn from them.

Sitri from my experience likes to focus on sexual expression in the extreme, not this spirits onlt field but one it greatly enjoys, an example being how to use sexual energies to to fuel the subtle bodies in specific ways.

Beleth from my experiences helps exploring passon and the emotions in its various forms whether it is for a person or for a hobby, a place ect. Beleth can also help you to shape yourself into the person you wish to become.

Their fields go past just “lust and love” if you explore what they can teach.