Help with heart problems

So I have arrhythmia and other heart problems that makes me reaaaally worried about my health
It’s horrible sometimes I think I’m going to die just because of this
So I’m wondering if there’s a deity/ demon who I can work with to help me heal my heart problems so I can just live my life without a tachycardia attack everyday
Any help?


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I suggest you try other methods before resorting to daemons, herbal baths, or meditation exercises. But the entities that may be useful are Marbas and Buer (Marbas can teach you even about the herbs as I have said) and the second is more focused on human weaknesses and failures, vices and more mundane problems

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yoga can help too

For stuff like this i usually recommend mundane things first. Get your potassium levels checked. Too little or too much can cause your problem. Too much potassium can be lethal so watch it if you are taking supplements.

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Simply change your diet look up Dr Sebi he give a diet that can cure anything think about going vegan ,Fasting If you

I’m in the middle of the process of going vegan, since I have problems with vitamins and nutrients I’m going to a vegan nutricionist :'D

This week I’m going to make blood exams to check up, my doctor thinks I got a problem with my thyroid
But I hope everything is ok

Qigong or Yoga.
Raphael is a powerful healer, and I imagine he’d be pretty conversant with heart energy.
Azazel fixed energetic scaring on my heart, but none of that had manifested into the physical yet.