New to luciferianism and here

Hello my name is candy and i am new to this line of work. Ive been into magic or apart of magic for some time but I never truly practiced it but i know its a part of me and I want to start. Also I recently started reading about luciferianism and I’m beyond intrigued and drawn to this trueth. I wanted to know if there is any books on magic and luciferianism that you could suggest that would help me really go deeper into this

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Hello and welcome. I dont personally read book to find out how to work with magic or the spirits im working with, that way i have an open mine and the connection to me is more powerful because I did it on my own.

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The lost keys of Solomon if your into sigils. Alister Crowley if you’re into sex magic. Doing DMT with adrinochrome if you want to meet and make deals with demons and skip the books, but be warned if you’re not ready you’re body will get possessed and you’re astrobody will be trapped in the ether. That’s what moon children are by the way.

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Thank you imma check all of those out… Do you know any good books that can teach me about luciferianism ?

Golden Dawn, OTO, and the Golden Circle for modern understandings of magic. Catholicism if you can understand that it’s been hijacked by Luciferians long ago

Welcome to the forum. What about Lucifer do you wish to know?

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Hey! I’m new to all this too I never tried to call or work with spirits but this kinda stuff always gravitates me idk why so i joined balg to know bout it more.

Welcome @cynthia_7 This is not the correct place to introduce yourself, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in amgick:




I have this thread I channelled.