Help plz (summoning King Paimon)

Hey all, came across this forum when i myself was trying to summon paimon. Anyways, i tried it just an hour ago, however, it didnt’t work. This was kind of a rush thing because i had to have paimon’s help in something coming up this week. Anyways, i ran out of candles and instead just used three instead of the standard four though i thought it would be fine. I took about 30 mins to trace and draw paimon’s sigil in blue marker after. i got the offerings ready (chocolate) and i dedicated the lighting of candles to paimon (as stated above), and also chanted his enn (“Linen tasa jedan Paimon” also as one of the members stated above) but i think my pronunciation may be off too… anyways, i continued for 30 minutes before eventually giving up. Can anyone give me suggestions to where i went wrong? Would be much appreciated. Thanks.


First of all, it’s KING Paimon! Also, pronunciation doesn’t really matter.

You can use his enn or his sigil, or both. Candles, direction, etc don’t really matter to be honest. At least not to me.
Close your eyes, relax your body and mind and then think of his name again and again or think of his enn again and again with the intention of calling him to you. Do this and even if you don’t feel him, he’s there.

That being said, remember to show him the greatest respect possible, wear something good (not topless, etc.) and try not to limit your own request (by using time limits, etc.)


Calling him Paimon and not King Paimon


Well, first thing, please go to the Intro thread and introduce yourself. It is one of the rules of this forum.

Second, don’t worry about how many candles you need. I use two and that is it. Your description above doesn’t include opening his sigil, just chanting his enn. Did you even try to open his sigl or did you just draw it?


Oh sorry i missed that. Will do it soon. As for opening his sigil, i don’t know what that is, sorry im alien to all of this i just started. I drew it i think.

My bad

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Try this:


Thanks! Will keep that in mind

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Thanks, will try agin tmr. Does it have to be a specific time of a day (eg. night)?

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Nope, any time is fine.

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We need to clear something up first, evocation when it comes to the part,“Did spirit heard me?”, is guaranteed, the spirit will always hear you when you try to make contact with them, however, the said Demonic being or in this case king Paimon might not have taken your request because of a few reasons that are pretty much common with most Spirits.

  1. The Demon did not like you (yes this actually happens)
    2.You rushed it and made it seem like you didn’t care
    3.You need to find a time where you can evoke him in peace.

, Also, I’d like to point out that things like Colored candles, Specific incenses and etc aren’t necessary, I’m not going to tell you that they do not make a difference because that is bullshit they do, Keep in mind as well that pronunciation is not as much of a big deal that it’s made out to be or what we might believe, There’s only a small difference between chanting in the correct pronunciation and chanting in a similar fashion.

, oh and KING PAIMON, Refer to him as King Paimon


Sorry all about not referring to him as King Paimon. i’m very new to all of this and did not know the significance

Yes, looking back it was quite rushed and i was not really in peace of mind…

Also, what are possible reasons that the spirit does not like me?

I was trying to do more of an Invocation btw


Perhaps your astral senses aren’t good enought yet. But just to be safe, make sure to pray to him and apologise for anything you may have done to him to insult him (even if that wasn’t your intention). And you should do it while you have free time and not just rush it.

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yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sounds like you might want to book up a little before evoking a demon king to me…


Thanks for all thr eplies guys

Pray to him? how so? How long do i need to?

Also, will he appear to me in some way and converse with me and we can make a pact or smt like that? or sometimes i will just look like im making requests to the air? I really wanted him to appear to me so we can make a pact becoz the problem i want him to help me with is quite big…but im willing to do anything for him

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p.s. can i find him by astral projecting?

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Yep. I have even done evocations in crowded rooms, surrounded by hundreds of noisy people, and yet have received results within hours just by meditating and speaking internally the enn of the demon. Without even reaching TGS, but merely entering a lite meditative state, one can evoke and receive results. One merely needs to recognize that when you call the spirit, the spirit comes!


@sherthits First of all, you can find him while astral projecting or soul traveling. Also, if your astral senses are good enough, you may be able to see him with your “third eye” or have some images of him. A prayer can be as long or as short as you want. You can do it any way you want.

@Severian_Apollos That’s true! It works like that.