Possible Entity (spirit/familiar/being/guide) Contact

Hello everyone. Here is the situation.

TL;DR: Bird-headed woman appeared in my visualization when I was in a state of fear and anxiety. She helped me to calm down and return to sleep.

I went to sleep before midnight, and I had a dope ass dream. I woke up around 0200, needing to use the bathroom. I hurried and went, then climbed back into bed, still very groggy and expecting to sleep quickly.
Within a few minutes, that feeling transformed into me being wide awake and full of anxiety, and on the brink of terror. I was fighting it hard, to not give in to fear. I was on my stomach with my eyes closed. I could feel my anxiety growing, feeling like something negative was in the room with me.
I recently purchased Franz Bardon’s “Initiation Into Hermetics”, and read a bit of it, and I remembered the breathing exercises.
I started trying to control my breathing and get into a calmer state. I tried pore breathing, and visualizing breathing in white light, then exhaling the light and filling the room with it. It worked a bit, but not enough.
I switched tactics, trying to imagine playing Fortnite (lol), anything to occupy my mind and calm me down. Just then, the image in my mind switched from Fortnite to a woman with a bird head (her head was a bird’s head) standing in my closet.
The feathers were dark green, she was expressionless. Idk what the type of bird was, I’ve never seen it before and haven’t been able to find it online. If anything, a cross between an eagle and an owl, but without the angry look eagles have. Very passive. Her body was thin, with small breasts. She wore a sleeveless off-white long vest, open with no shirt underneath. It exposed the inner part of her chest and stomach, but the vibe I got was in no way sexual at all. She stood very still and straight, but not tense. Arms by her side, legs together. Barefoot.
I got the feeling I should try to draw energy from her and fill the room with it, instead of the white light I had been visualizing. I did so, using the breathing technique (not pore breathing this time). Within a few minutes I was asleep again and back into a random dream.
{>>>>>>>>>My question: Can anyone explain what happened, have you had similar experiences, could this be a familiar, or a friendly spirit? Does it resonate with anything like that? Or does it seem like a purely psychological occurance?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<}

Some background on me:
I’ve been studying magic for about a year. First Tarot, then wiccan, then chaos magic, then occult anthropology, then Crowley, then “black” magic, basically a very broad spectrum. Hermetics/chaos is where I am now. My first thought was Thoth, but he’s male and is portrayed with an Ibis head. I then thought of the depictions of Annunaki, but they don’t match up.

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You could always call to the entity “I call upon the entity that appeared to me in -this form-” then ask her.

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Thanks for your reply! I plan on doing exactly that tomorrow morning around the same time she appeared (I’m working tonight so I can’t do it now). I’ve done a tarot reading, asking “why did she appear”, the answer leaning more toward a guide-type entity and the start of something. I just want to know if others have more knowledge in this area before i try to call upon her.

One thing you will come to learn early on is that for every ‘named entity’ (entity that’s name is known enough to be fairly common knowledge to exist), there’s a theoretically infinite number of ‘nameless entities’ (ones that have names but aren’t known by anyone).


That does make sense. I’ve thought about and theorized about “lesser” beings, but never put it in the context of lesser KNOWN beings. That feels better to me.

Yeah, it’s not that they are lesser, they are just unknown by the majority. Heck, if they are local spirits, they might not even have a single person that knows their name.

That’s pretty crazy to think about, but again, it makes sense. I still have countless things to learn; hopefully this will be a nice first step into more advanced (relative to me) practice.

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