Astrology Invocation/Evocation

EA My man, is it possible to use sigil magic or any form of magic for invocation/evocation of a specific astrological God/deotity? More specifically the signs rather than planets. Can I amp up the power, energy, and/or intensity of my scorpio stellium in the 8th house? Can I call upon scorpious ruler of sex, death, transformation etc. (Or any other sign) To do things for me? Is it also possible to gain things I’m lacking in my natal chart? Or need using beings from astrology?Thanks ~ John

i might be wrong, but i heard u didn’t need sigils for gods, maybe i misunderstood ur question, but hope u find ur answer lol

Thanks man. I’m thinking of using they’re symbols/sigil a for a specific income. For example one of my placements in scorpio is venus in scorpio so the sigil/symbol is venus with scorpio in it. I’d love to have certain planets and constellations energy in me flow more so and into different areas and others I’m missing be in and amongst me.

Well shoot, good luck. I actually don’t know much about astrology

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Done thank you.

Thank you! and welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Do you know of anything like I’ve asked EA? Am I getting into a new form of magic never discovered before? Astrology is extremely interesting to me and I have some what of a natural back for it.