Pentacle of the 9 gate keepers

That’s interesting, well done. :slight_smile:

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Nice work!

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I took the liberty of doing a little touch up work for you. 9s 9s2


Is it possible to elaborate on how to use the sigil bomb

Awesome work.
Well done :ok_hand:

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In the Compendium of Lucifer Amaymon in the chapter of Halo and the horn it talks about create a sigil bomb using the seven seals in sending it to different websites drawing around the neighborhood, laundromats etc, so i came up with one of my own, using 7 seals from Halo and the horn as you see there i designed like that in A3 format i just left on my dinner table, during the night i was hearing sounds of explosions coming from my dinning room and i was getting a very strong sulphur smells coming from where i was hearing a series of explosions, the sounds of explosions wasn’t very loud sounded soft, each soft explosion sounds was giving off a toxic form of a sulphur smells, must be because i surrounded a seven pointed star with the 7 seals from Halo and the horn.:metal:

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Thank you, is a really powerful form of black magic.:+1:

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so basically it has power to summon entities oif i understood correctly because the sumpher smell is related to demons from being present and not all of them have the same smell btw because I’m surrounded by oriental ones , i mean what does it simply do just summon or could it trap entities ?

I was doing as the book ses, creating a sigil bomb, can go around public places and graffiti single seal at a time each one does a different thing, the way it is used is help in liberation or revenge, choosing the one think it would be useful depending on the end results, changing peoples hearts against Tyranny, also if want to do major damage or help websites creating a seal bomb using 7 seals from the Halo and the horn, turning it into a bomb out of what ever the sorcerers own idea like the one you see from my wild imagination that is the bottom one, the top seal is the 9 gatekeepers, its the bottom one is the bomb, can be put on Facebook as a wallpaper or blogs, etc. The way Kurtis mentions in Halo and horn he likes to use for positive processes can be used in a negative ways but it will balances it self out, i myself use for baneful intentions using against online scamers, and also using to also help websites as well, and to root out the traitors, when i constructed both seals i try to pour my energy into it.:metal:

Looks good i think, the sigils on the ”bomb” doesnt feel right for me thou but that depends on how ive learned to use the rosecross to make sigils and some of those sigils seems to breaks those ”rules” guess thats a sign of how im stuck in doing things ”my” way(:

Those 7 seals are out of my compendium of Lucifer Amaymon in the chapter of Halo and the horn, Grimner.

Did you try the ormus formula by Kurtis Joseph?

You are missing 3.

Good work. I might have to get this as a tattoo.

Hello Bowling270,
I took the liberty of doing some touch up on your Gatekeeper sigil bomb, hope you don’t mind.

And this one has my own design added. Enjoy!


Ohhh i like this very much.
Saved the last two images. (Latest versions of the orginal). Love it how it progressed from start to finish. Great work guys.

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I love them very very much, I saved them as well :slight_smile:


I’m glad you are enjoying the evolution of the sigil bomb. Of course credit goes to Bowling270, I just helped finalize it a bit. Though I may come up with a new serpent design I am not very satisfied with it, I feel like it doesn’t represent Leviathan very well.

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Am about to create from scratch a table to the 9 and something was not sitting right with me at all. The points are wrong ! It may make no difference if you reverse the image, but then the Sygils look upside down, if somebody could make this image with only 3 points being on the top part and 4 bellow that would be awesome especially if you add the inverted pentagram in the middle with the sygils looking straight that would be awesome

I’m slowly tapping into my creativity, I am more of a scholar , LOVED the idea of what was made here, however

If anybody can create this image with the 3 points facing up , 4 bellow, inverted pentagram in the middle and the Sygils around looking good like the original, that would be awesome. If everybody is happy with this design fine by me , but if somebody with tech savvy skills could create that , it would be super awesome as I loved the idea of using the star with the 9 Sygils around it

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