About the demon Furfur

I’m trying to learn more about this relatively obscure demon. There’s not so much that has been said about Furfur as, say, King Paimon.

I know what is said about Furfur in the Goetia, but as the Goetia is not exactly demon-friendly (i.e. forcing demons to do things with threats and curses) I’d like other perspectives on Furfur. Google can’t decide whether Furfur is an Earl or Count, male or female, liar or truth-teller.

What do you know about Furfur? Everyone who has experience with him/her, please do tell.


I saw some weird stuff on 31st July that said he had to do with the “resurrection” of Jesus - it was a dream where what was probably an image of like, “Jesus” in his tomb and the dream said “pray for his spirit! FurFur” (and I knew it was the name of that demon in the grimoire) - that’s all I have.

I hate all that weird middle-eastern crap, my ancestors have been northern european for far longer than the middle-eastern cultists had a hissyfit with Rome over what “ultimate powah” really was, so whatever. :wink:


Hmm. So, Count/Countess/Earl Furfur is that obscure, huh…

Well, I went ahead and talked to her (I heard a feminine voice) via her Goetic sigil. I just wanted to make her acquaintance formally, but I also asked her for something. Just a few hours later, there was a freak unpredicted storm - there were giant cloud-to-ground red lightning bolts, rather than the usual blue or white - so I’m guessing that’s Countess Furfur letting me know she was present and on the job. Creating storms is one of the abilities that Furfur is known for.

However, it wasn’t a storm that I had requested of her. The deadline has passed for the task that I had given her, and there’s no manifestation of result regarding that task.

Should I still pay her anyway?

Meanwhile, I’m going to ask her what’s up with the progress of her task…

Was the thing you asked something Furfur could do? I’m thinking maybe the storm was a subtle way of saying “Storms, I can do, but what you asked…” but maybe not.

Not sure about the payment, might be a good time to break out some divination, ask what will happen if you do or don’t pay?

According to the Goetia, “Furfur causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, and blasts, and teaches on secret and divine things.” Without going into too much detail, I asked Furfur for something in that above list that isn’t about storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, or blasts.

I asked her what was up, via tarot. It turns out that she didn’t make it happen because she didn’t wish to intrude or interfere upon work that is already being done for me by another spirit. That’s respectable. I’ll give her a thank you for coming anyway.

I can certainly recommend Countess Furfur for anyone who wants a spectacular storm of the weather variety. The big red thunderbolts set against the clouds of dusky grays were an awesome spectacle.

She’s also effective for eliciting Martian assertiveness.


I apologize for tardiness!

The Goetia does show you a lot of spirits.Furfur,is one of the first demons I read about when I was a kid actually.I liked the picture,from Collin de Plancy’s Dictionaire Infernale.

However,I’ve only had one experience with this demon.I read on him,or her,and I was confused by the gender and sex of this spirit.I never saw anything mentioning it as a count or countess though.

Now here is the interesting part.I’m a straight guy,who has a lot of female,platonic friends.I’ve used to look at girls in either a friendly light,a maternal light,a sexual light,or a romantic light.Which is why for some reason,many times,entities whose gender or sex hasn’t been confirmed to me hasn’t been confirmed to me will appear either as effeminate men or entirely female.

A fun fact,I originally thought Paralda was female.And the spirit materialized,as a man,but his facial features were very womanly.There was other instances of this,but the point is,female is the ‘‘default’’ gender spirits assume whenever I’m confused with their sex and/or gender.

So the sigil spoke to me,in a female voice.And she and I basically had an agreement that was very new to me,and still very unique.She asked me to perform a dance in her honor,and instructed me somewhat.I could feel her subordinates gather,as I performed it.

So,yes,she cooked up a storm for me.A literal storm.I needed rain in order to avoid some activity.But that’s the last,and first,I ever saw of her.An underappreciated demon.

Although,you really can’t blame people.The Goetia,has 72 demons.There’s tons of non-Goetic demons(Azazel is among them),so you really can’t blame them for missing spirits like Furfur.I mean,there’s a lot of other spirits that can bring forbidden knowledge and love,so Furfur doesn’t get nearly as much attention.Even I first planned a dual evocation of Paralda and Nichsa when I needed a storm before settling on her.Not to mention,she’s not a King or Queen,she’s a Countess.


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Interested in this demon lately. Had a vision of a stag and a friend shared a VK Jehannum video on Furfur. Apparently Furfur appears looking like a stag with a fiery tail! Talk about weird coincidences. VK says s/he helps with emotional healing and other things that the Goetia doesn’t mention but then again, we don’t know everything about these beings, so anything is possible. Love stags and they appear in a couple of my family crests (Scottish) so I have a familial connection with the spirit of the stag. I’m very interested in getting to know Furfur but there are so many I’d also like to know better, Goetic and otherwise.


Furfur grants the operator the ability to control storms and also grants the operator advice on love and romance issues and can even make someone fall in love with you as it’s written in the lemegeton. Though I am heavily paraphrasing this based upon memory

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Here’s an image of Furfur image


I know alot about furfur he is amazing it’s strange that he comes to you all either as male or female but it’s what most comfortable to the one summoning him


Your completely correct with your paraphrase he can do those things

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Okay everyone. I am new here but I have been practicing my whole life. I need to know anything available with Furfur! Here is a copy and pasted post I made in another group because it’s just too much to type out again.

Hey y’all. So I am going to start this out with letting everyone know that I have a whirlwind life of shit you just can’t make up, and I am an open book so ask questions, get involved and prepare for oversharing.

Tldr; whatchu know about demonology?? Resources?

Long story:

My past relationship was the epitome of trauma. He was emotionally and mentally abusive to the point where he drained every last bit of me out. Before we all hate on him, he has severe mental issues which absolutely need addressing. I held on because I wanted to help him, I held on so long I loathed him. Months ago my plan was to just leave one day and never come back. I was looking at apartments and actually planning an international move.

Covid happened. I couldn’t get away. I put him in a damn jar and he needed it.

A couple weeks after the jar, he hit a breaking point and I had to commit him. I had no choice. He has a savior complex and was hitting psychosis HARD and it was straight unsafe for me. The night they took him away I told him he wasn’t coming back. That night my soulmate, within an hour, contacted me.

Fast forward. Since he leaves the spirits in my house become active. Very active. I will preface this situation with every single one of my gifts has been magnified to at least 110% since. The spirits do not like him. His artwork and prized paintings have flown off the wall shattering since he left, and I don’t feel threatened by these spirits one bit. Its been clear since day one of him leaving that they are after him and trying to protect me. Every single day with this has increased my “natural gifts” ten fold and I am literally waiting to wake up from a weird dream even though I have mastered the art of sleep magic. I hear footsteps when I live alone, I get phantom smells and things literally fly off the walls at me. None of this feels like it’s negative toward me, however.

I am also going to mention, because it’s hilarious to me, that I am a loner white female who moved into an underpriced insanely large home for less than one would pay for a studio in this area. I have three bedrooms, two floors, plus two additional rooms aside from the norm living kitchen and bathroom, and I am literally the plot of a horror movie. I also started reading Haunting of Hill House and had to pause because although she is my favorite author, I do live at the top of a spooky hill and the first few chapters in I realized she was straight up describing my house IN FUCKING DETAIL. So please tell me that has a fairytale ending?


Yesterday my boyfriend, my soulmate, who I met during a pandemic asks me to look into a sigil for him. I spent a ton of time researching and analyzing and finally I found that the woodburned “sigil” he found amongst his things actually a talisman for Furfur, who is a military commander from hell. Known for bringing relationships together, but also evoking storms, thunder and lightening. He’s also a fucking liar, but I don’t know his full story yet so I don’t judge. I let my boyfriend know about those things, but I did not mention that Furfur also takes on an angelic form when conformed to a triangle and pushes lovers together.

My boyfriend makes a riduculous(ly awesome) romantic gesture, and within minutes I am riddled with one of the most powerful storms I have ever seen. I had a couple windows open and my 2 and 3 foot plants flew across the room smashing everywhere. Everything in my house is all over the floor because of the TWO open windows and the gusts of wind. The window in my attic almost blew out. The roof started leaking into the room where I have stored all my exes belongings destroying nearly everything he owns. My house is shaking so hard I realize I might have to take shelter in my basement with my animals because I am certain the roof might fly off my house. My neighbors 107 pound grill (not including the weight of the propane tank) flies into the fence knocking it down. I run to my phone to tell my boyfriend that the storm is bad and if I lose power my phone wont charge and I am okay. The second I hit send the power goes out and my phone turns off. I start walking to my hallway door and all the winds stop. Like, abruptly stop. My power returns and the storm is over. It’s fucking eerily still out there. I felt as if my breath could move the leaves on the trees.

I reached out to friends who lived in the area and they tell me the storm wasn’t so bad. I look out my window to see that my town in under two feet of water. I walk to work in the morning hopping over live wires, downed trees and dead animals all over the sidewalk. I have done my research and there is very little out there besides the basics about Furfur. I plan on hitting the Satanic Temple this week to see if I can find out more information.

I have always been one to get some signs and dwell on them, but this is A LOT and it is A LOT of just insane shit. I am also going to throw in there that this is not the end of this story, the other part regards something else and it may not be entirely related, so I will post separately. I will also say that in the past week every single tarot reading I have given out was fucked up accurate, and I do not feel like the spirits in my house or Furfur are after me. I think they are trying to help me.

I am also going to say that I heard fae and demons don’t mix. I recently put out some offerings to the fae in one of my plants that can deal with neglect for months. I started actually caring for her, and she flourished. The second I turned her pot into a fae garden she died within 48 hours, despite the fact that she had been neglected for 60+ days and bounced back. She fucking gone dudes.

So let’s fucking talk guys.

I am also interested in these crests someone mentioned. I very recently found out I have some pretty prominent Scottish roots so I am VERY interested in this. Thank you everyone for your help :black_heart:

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If you dig deep enough, you may find you have some ancestors that come from the Middle East.

We did enough digging in my family line, we found roots in Afghanistan.