Zepar, Sallos or Sitri

I want to try a Goetic spirit, worked with Zepar without any results before or that the result where very much delayed… anyhow, I want to make a girl madly in love with me, a specific girl and want to do a simple working without any heavy ritual nature. Just a seal, spontaneous invocation and tweaking a spell I read here. To get the girl fall madly in love with me, more what she already is, which spirit would you say would be the best for my working of Zepar, Sallos or Sitri?

I’ve worked with sitri in the past and had some prompt results

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Do you know any other, better suited spirit that can make my girl fall crazy in love in with me; and I mean MADLY CRAZY in love… so she will dream about me and not a second will pass without she stops thinking of me :slight_smile:

I’d have to recommend beleth, girl’s worked wonders. She focuses on baisic lust and desire, so if you want love then have a chat with lillith
She is also very good at manipulating your physical appearance.

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I already look good and already have sex with this girl, so I have already her lust and desire for me. I want to make her love for me grow stronger and so that she become really really madly in love with me, past the point she already is.

Then talk to lillith. Love is more her thing

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Never worked with her, can she be called/invoked without rituals? Just talking to her with her sigill?

If that’s your preferred method, yes. I tend to just evoke by briefly focussing on the spirits aura, so what ritual you use really doesn’t matter

Thank you very much. I did a working just now so I will call Lilith tomorrow :slight_smile:


Try Cupid/Eros!!
It might sound infantile, but for reals!

Make a poppet of her and fashion a ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ out of a toothpick (with the tip painted gold - you can use some of your girl’s nail polish if she owns any in gold - using her stuff will up the ‘Oompf’ factor) and then stab the ‘arrow’ into the poppet’s head, heart, and ‘goodies’ and you should be good to go…

Hope you find something that works! :slight_smile:


Erzulie worked wonders but she bewitched me to, in this case I’m satisfied with the results minus the spell “splashed” over to me to. I’ll try your method also. Thanks.



At least I know that if I feel the earth shaking it’s not due to an angry Gaia!!! :wink:

Enjoy!! :grin:

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i recommend astaroth

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great thank you guys!