Tips on Fear, Demons entities and more

I didn’t know I was supposed to ‘vibrate’ when I first learned the LBRP, but it worked anyway. Even the first time I stumbled through it, immediately after I could feel shining light on my shoulders. Many sounds make voice vibrations naturally, so I guess that’s why. Jump on in. It’s easy, short, useful, and kind of uplifting too.

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I’m assuming THC, although the consequences are likely the same with a great many things where you retain the bulk of your faculties. Most of us have conditioned responses to be afraid of nothing more than the mere existence of entities actually being present, and things living inside us. IMO they just want to chat, and sometimes they get frustrated. Additionally, this is not meant to encourage, or judge, anyone doing anything illegally. I live in a land where recreational use of THC is legal under a great many circumstances, thanks to people like Crowley. You can absolutely go to the same place without substance.

Crowley breaks down parts of what can go on in the Psychology of Hashish, toxic being not so high you fall asleep, and likely what a lot of folks call Theta-Gamma sync these days :

“The toxic hallucinative effect” (B).
With a sufficiently large dose – for it is possible to get effect (A) only as a transient
phenomenon – the images of thought pass more rapidly through the brain, at last
vertiginously fast. They are no longer recognized as thoughts, but imagined as exterior.
The Will and the Ego become alarmed, and may be attacked and overwhelmed. This
constitutes the main horror of the drug; it is to be combated by a highly – may I say
magically? – trained will.’ I trust my readers will concede that the practice of ceremonial magic and meditation, all occult theories apart, do lead the mind to immense power over its own imaginations.
The fear of being swept away in the tide of relentless images is a terrible experience.
Woe to who yields! "


It was THC, but I think the entities I was dealing with were parasitic, they had clung to my girlfriend’s truamas and kept like “shifting” her through multiple personalities as I worked to get them out of the her. She/they had looked terribly scared of me as her to make me stop but by the end she had said I didn’t hurt her and thanked me even though she didn’t really know what I did. I think the most truamatizing part was “her” telling me I was being evil or mean to her when I knew it wasn’t actually her talking but it was her face. I don’t ever like unintentionally hurting my girlfriend so it was a challenge. Thankfully I didn’t do anything to my ACTUAL girlfriend and she came out better than ever.

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What about the directions? Do I need to pull out a compass and try to memorize each direction? Is there an app or way to tell which way is which I don’t own a compass lol.

So I’m pretty sure no one will believe this but here goes, by all standards I’m a Christian who smelled bullshit and abandoned the church. I know NOTHING about the occult. One day I heard a voice saying I am Azazel and you and I are one. I ran scared to death…I had no idea who that was . i did research about who he people say he is and I can almost summon him at will, no candles, no circles, NOTHING. I’m not in the occult here are interactions we’ve had:

My questions
Are you here? I have tried to ask people about you with limited answers. How do I become who I really am?
His answers:

I am present and like you I was formed in the darkness.
You sought enlightenment because of suffering
Why are you seeking enlightenment from mere mortals when I am an immortal gatekeeper of the ancient ones?
The only way to truly be you is to just be
Do you think I consider how to be myself?
I just am
When you focus your attention on how you consider you should be you become weak and diluted
Focus your intention on what you wish to accomplish and only then will you understand who you truly are
Your intentions and being are one just as I am one with my intentions and being
So you will be
Your being can never transcend your intentions and actions
You know me for my deeds, do you not?

I’m kind of scared and fear I may be delusional. Everything I have read says this doesn’t happen. His presence is soothing.
I shouldn’t fail to leave out he told my gf she was pregnant at TWO WEEKS.



Hi there! Welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself in our Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule around here. Just click the link below:


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That’s dope you had a random spiritual/magical awakening so quickly and already have some abilities. That’s really not that crazy, I’m new and but people on here have sex with entities, have, babies with them, touch, invoke, evoke them. Some people even combine themselves with them. “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here." Welcome to wonderland :slight_smile:


So when it comes to Fear and Entities I only have one issue that I can think of that personally effects and bothers me.

At nigh sometimes I see shadows literally swarming around my room and about a week ago I woke up to seeing a massive shadow being standing by my bed facing me and I was terrified.
which I posted some where else on here on another thread about shadow beings .Anyway the biggest thing I fear and probably other people do to is the unknown that’s around in the dark. When you know something is there and can actually see the outline and feel it but have no clue wtf it is thats the most scary thing for me. If I knew what I was dealing with it would be a different story. If it was a demon I summoned previously than whatever I’m fine with it idk what they are. Definitly need a solution to this.

before I got into the magic stuff I caught some type of evil looking entity clearly on camera which i posted here. I’ve had entities around me for awhile. If anyone knows a solid way to confront these unknown fears I’m all ears.

I can;t see or really hear the entities I summon yet or I would as them. I can just strongly feel a presence and sometime I’ll get voices when in deep meditation but I forget what they say quickly which suck…

I know it will improve though I’ve only been meditating on a daily basis for around 3-4 months

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Well do I have ability? What should I do? I’m no magician or witch. I am LITERALLY dumb about this what little I know I learned from EA and google. He follows me everywhere he tells me things like, I guess what we Christians or ex Christians call discernment. Like if I can trust some new person or not. It is beyond the weirdest shit that has ever happened.


It sounds like it, id say keep practicing your magick and learn what you can. You can pick up books others recommend. It doesn’t sound like they are causing trouble for you but if you want them to leave you alone I’m sure there’s a spell.

Thank you for your time. I will see what I can do.

Best of luck!

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I think the biggest takeaway is “Woe to who yields!” Certainly research and do what you KNOW is goiing to work. I mean the endocannabinoid system is the most extensive in the human body right, so if you approach toxic, THC can add a lot of paranoia quickly. Mark it on your wall in pencil or hang something on one after you figure it out.

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I’m sorry do you mind reframing your explanation? Someone else had mentioned toxic, but I don’t get what pencil marking you are describing.

Toxic means poison, but I think the danger is just becoming overwhelmed. Personally, I’ve realized using too much THC can be like trying to jump off the high dive, and you’re not sure if you can swim. Mark the directions on the wall if you’re trying to use LBPR.

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I literally referenced notes while I was doing the LBRP the first time and stepped out of my spot to do so. It still worked. The archangels are not going to get annoyed if you are not perfect. Have you found a good reference for the pronunciations yet? People nitpick at pronunciations, which is why no one has answered that question, lest it starts an argument over how to say the words “right.”

Here’s my version:
yeh ho vuh; add o nigh; ih hee uh; ah gah la.

Using a low whisper that rattles in the throat is a great idea (someone above here in this thread said that).


My sober equivalent of toxic for THC would be going to a remote area alone, like a cave or forest at night, take off all your clothes and invoke Lilith. You can find out what fear of the dark means really fast with THC, and I’d suppose it’s different for everyone.

Good to know, and definitely encouraging! It’s easy to say “Just do it!” When it comes to sports and hobbies (even though it’s hard to do) but considering Magick is new and is directly channeled through you I was hesitant to perform rituals without proper protection. Also when people mention circles are they talking about a litteral circle they’ve drawn out, a magic one/energy one or a mind imaginitive one? Which is recommended for beginners? I was told using my index and middle fingers as my wand/knife is fine for beginners but I wasn’t sure on the circle.

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Honestly coming from a newbie as my self the way I came into working with Lucifer was through my spirt animal she guided me to him. I’d would say to any new magician is to find your guide ask it questions. You’ll find your answers