Contact me spell that works fast!

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Can you pm for a sec?

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Didnt get a pm

I don’t know how lol

Sent you a pm. Youll see a small green dot on your avatar

Those of us who have no personal effects such as hair of the target - do we stick the photo to the outside of the envelope and paint over it? Or do we put the photo in the envelope?


I would say just put
It inside the envelope.


When you say to paint the envelope, does that include the inside as well?

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Regarding having something to link to the subject, even something that has been in their possession, I have sent anonymous Registered mail to a subject that required their signature. I paid for a Return Receipt, and the post office delivers their signature to me.

This was done in the absence of hair, picture, or any other personal effects.

However, I’d like to note that other than the original author, Virgowitch, no one else has posted that this method has been successful for them.

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Well give it a shot and you will see . It has worked for me in the past alottttt of times


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i need this for fixed my relationship thank you.

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You never said what you do with the parchment paper

Tried this one. It didn’t work for me

what if you need t use your phone ? lol

I get the feeling this won’t work for me and I don’t know why.

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dont feel bad everything i have tried hasnt worked for me so i decided that was the sign that i needed to just go ahead and stop trying for what can never happen

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