Pomba Gira and men

If people didn’t lust, then they wouldn’t care. And if they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be doing the work. Isn’t that ironic?

Yes, if you treat “lusting” and “caring about” as the same thing, which isn’t…

You can’t lust and care at the same time? Some of the greatest loves are based on both.

We’re talking about the lust of the results, the obsession for it, not for the lust of passion or something like that.

You can’t lust about the RESULTS, about the desired outcome. And this is a thing for EVERY magick you do.

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Ah, gotcha. Totally agree.

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Pomba Gira is a “category” of Brazilian entities. There’s a lot of them. Padilha is one, but there’s Navalha, Cigana, Sete Saias, Rainha do Inferno, etc.

Padilha is better when there’s real love. If there’s love, then she’ll help the couple, even if the love from one of the parts are diminishing. She works better when one of the parts, or both of them, wants a long term relationship and if you’re willing to work on your flaws to make the other part happy. She’ll transform you.

But if you’re willing to create rapport, or bring pure lust and attraction, then Cigana or Sete Saias. They work better on making you irresistible for a desired subject or in general.

But well, in the end, the matter is calling for one that you feel “better” about it. Just go to Google and search about it in Portuguese, the way I wrote, and then translate the page. You’ll find more information on it. If you don’t, then call only for “Pomba Gira” and let the one who hears your call work on this for you.

Ps: no problem in calling Pomba Gira if you’re gay. She’ll help you in the same way.


Hey Isamo, as you speak a lot of Brazil and the customs practiced over there for pomba gira, I would like to know how to address her here in India. I’m really in need of her help trying everything out to know the exact procedure and steps, still I lack minute details as what to do with the offerings on the first day, what about the vessel that I place for her as a seat then how to manage that vessel where to keep it and should I use the vessel everyday 7 day while praying to her, as well as I’m quite perplexed how will she speak to me. There are so much I still wanna know and I believe u might help me. Can u please tell me each n every step and every rule. Will be waiting for your response. I want to start it from tomorrow since it’s Friday a love day as far as I researched…

I have a question. Does the penny divination really work? And also how do I make my prayer/incantation to pomba gira custom made for me? Specific for me.

Another thing, I red to do the prayer with 2 red candles and 1 black. Is that correct?

@cuttencandy I can’t say, I don’t use this method of divination.

About the “custom prayer”, as you do any other. Just write what you want and be respectful.

About the specific number of candles, well, this is thing that never worked the way that people think. Pomba Gira works through Axé, that is the energy contained on all things. This is why we do the offering when we ask something, and not after (well, we do another after, but only when we get the desired outcome). So do something from your heart, red and black are her colors, she likes champagne, cigar, perfume, lipsticks, mirrors, etc. Don’t give her food as you know nothing about her. She despises some foods, so if you give the wrong food offering, you’ll get a resounding “no”.

Another question, what do you do with the offerings after?

Hello , how may I contact

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eu sou, podemos conversar? preciso de ajuda. como te chamo inbox?

I thought so too but Based on my experience ,disagree with you.

Don’t treat her transactionally or she will treat you that way constantly demanding offerings for everything, take your time, learn her stories and build a relationship. She’s not a vending machine.


Do you mind telling me more about Pomba Gira Cigana? I have been visited by a few Pomba Giras! Thank you

Pomba Gira Maria Padilha never let me down, I am so very grateful to her.

I performed the ritual …said the prayer for 7 days … gave an offering (chocolate) at crossroad
i dont think she heard it

any advices ?