GoM Wealth Magick rituals blew up

,(This is my third attempt to write and post this message.)

I’ve been working with Damon Brand’s Wealth Magick. I’m on the fifth working. I got tired of struggling with poverty and decided to go all out for “extreme prosperity.” I’d been struggling to find sufficient work (I’m a freelancer) and thus trouble paying my bills, including my mortgage.

Last week, I got two small checks out of the blue, and I thought, “Hey! It really is working!” Then Wednesday I found out that my mortgage bank, without notifying me in any way or waiting the length of time that they were supposed to, sold my house out from under me. I now have nowhere to live.

What the hell??? The book warned that there would be disruption. It didn’t mention anything about a tailspin onto rock bottom that would put my life and well-being at risk!

After receiving those two small checks, I was actually hopeful, and now this. What’s going on? This is the opposite of prosperity! I keep trying to figure out why this happened, and I keep trying to figure out a way out of this current mess, but I feel like a rat in a maze with no way out. Every avenue I try is blocked.

I don’t think I did anything wrong with the magick. But I don’t know. I guess I did. But I can’t figure out what.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Have you considered that it’s just a mundane chance of you not paying your bill and not a recent spell? Or did the checks suffice to pay the amount you owed on your mortgage? 2 random checks after a spell is a good sign but taking your house from under you after a little blessing is a big jump from disruption.

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Magick is a compliment to life not only do you just read about it but you live it every day. The banks eviction process is a long one and they don’t just sell your house from under you. There are multiple notices, phone calls even places to go that help you through the tough times. Why did you let this go on for so long without attention?

This happening is not part of any working you did but I would say the lack of working and preparation you didn’t do. Just know that in the grand scheme of things you will be fine. The take away for me is that your about to learn what’s really important in life and that’s going to focus your magick in a more positive direction for you.


I hope you still have those checks because you might need them. But you could also invest them in the stock market or in a business. Something that will generate you money long term. The thigh about wealth magick is that it relies on what you do in the world. You can’t just ask for money and then not put yourself in a position or mindset to receive it. Be open to every opportunity to make money. Let go of the results of your magick and start looking for practical avenues to lift yourself out of poverty. Also you can ask Bune for help. She is very powerful. But remember if you work with the magick it can help you a great deal.

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If you’re a freelancer no wonder you’re struggling. In order to obtain prosperity you’ll need to be in a niche or industry that has much room for growth potential and income. Stocks, real estate, commodities. Artists don’t get paid much because This world is run by trade and markets. Play those markets to obtain prosperity and stick with it. You’ll need to be a part of something that you can imagine yourself in for the rest of your life. And grow in it. Not freelance to whatever job you can find.

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It’s not magick. It wasn’t proper management of funds that allow them to sell under your awareness

What actually happened?

Is there an oversight body, like an ombudsman or something, that can help you with this?

I don’t known whether it was linked to the book, but my best advice to you right now is download a copy of The Science Of Getting Rich, it’s out of copyright and PDFs are easy to find.

Work that book to the letter with absolutely faith to first, get yourself some kind of secure home.

That system is the one I have had the most consistent long-term success with through many changes of ideas about magick, and so on, so I am recommending it as a person who has really used it, and over a great many years.


You’re free!
No more mortgage or utility bills!

Now wander the streets as a prophet!

You don’t have any kids, do you?

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He might be free. depends on what kind of wealth he asked for. material or spiritual wealth? If it’s for spiritual wealth then losing a home is a tough way to learn about spirituality. :man_shrugging:

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This is just wrong. I get people jobs for a living and I work with a ton of freelancers, from all walks. Specifically in fields where money doesn’t typically flow wildly (creative, design, etc). These happen to be the same fields where people routinely say things like “starving artist” or “first to be cut when there are cuts” or “hard to make money in it”. Interesting, isn’t it, yet I work with thousands of people every week who have beaten these odds and are thriving.

Sure, there are folks who don’t get paid a lot respective to their trade (like in any field…), but there are TONS of folks who are motion graphics designers, animators, SCRIPT writers, who make bank. They demand high premiums and have no shortage of work.

Has no one noticed how their own mindsets is the only thing limiting how far and high they fly, SPECIFICALLY where money is involved? It boggles my mind when I see how people living outside of things they know nothing about respond to said things, then they wonder.

Ya’ll, start thinking higher of yourselves and your spell work will respond.

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freelancer can be in any field not just artist. They are basically self employed workers. How they thrive depends on marketing and their brand name. If you say artist can’t make a living , then have you heard of pixar or disney company? Many artist started small when those company were start up. Don’t forget the many famous traditional animation teachers that teach those artist at those company. Most of these days, they hire freelancers to cut cost. They don’t have 100% artist in house no more.

What most freelancers do is to work an employee job on the side until the freelance stuff gets self sustained income. U got to do what you gots to do to put food on the table. Some times your dream career have to be put on hold or abandon. Most people who graduate from college end up working in a field that they didn’t study for.

My parents met while watching a toy store burn down.
Write a song about that, Rick Springfield!

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There were NO notices. There were NO phone calls. The process is supposed to be long, with letters, ads in the newspaper, phone calls, e-mails. I found out about the auction the day before BY ACCIDENT. Yes, they DID just sell my house from under me. I am not to blame here!

Then you need to take swift legal action. This could be another way the magick is working in your favor.

There has to be an avenue for the money to come in. Not having a house payment just freed up the money you would have to spend on it. Might be part of the process of gaining wealth.

Let it run…
In order to get something big , big changes nee dto be made. If you think you can be a billionaire by working at a department store, you are mistaken.

So you lost your house… they don’t just sell without warning, so maybe you need a lesson in accounting.
Maybe you learn accounting and get a 200k job and your own accounting firm. All from losing your house.,
You asked for big, expect and get, big, expect to lose your shitty life though first.

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