Super Eclipse/ Sword of Azazel - What was your experience?

i found the pdf a day before the ritual, so i wasn’t able to get black candles in time…i used teacandles instead, because it’s all i have at the moment
since my senses are still underdeveloped, not a whole lot happened on my part, i just felt a constant presence and alot of energy
i was a little bit worried that the ritual didn’t work on my part, i still went through with it, because i heard about bad things happening, if you just abort the ritual
but as i came out of the ritual thinking that it might have not worked or that my pact hadn’t been accepted, this strange, yet familiar feeling took over my body and a voice in my head said “just because it didn’t go how you expected, doesn’t mean it didn’t work” in a tone of voice i’ve never heard before and for some reason my mind connected that voice to ant’harratu, so i guess it worked anyway😅
had these flashes of some kind of power glove for the last two days
we’ll see what happens, when the video of the ritual comes with further instructions for the weapon


Well, I took the liberty of dropping my work and went home to do the ritual stated in the pdf. As expected of all my rituals, it was all silent and uneventful. After 20 plus minutes, I just gave thanks and left. Before going home I watch the video from the members page it loaded, and I forwarded it randomly and it came to JS’s presentation and it stated with “this ritual is not for dabblers…”. I rewind back to EA’s presentation and forwarded it randomly again and it started again with JS’s and this time it starts with “dabblers”. Hahaha, hilarious… Seems that Azazel may think I am a dabbler.


:rofl:! I meditated with Azazel to see if it’s fine for a newbie like me to do it! He gave me a teddy bear and then I was playing in a flood up to my knees outside! Weird vision but got the “ok” feeling to it!


I would be newer than a newbie, or just categorised as dabbler. Haha…


Hi, so I just did the ritual, I didnt see a weapon but have been having flashes of a double bladed dagger lately and think I saw something similar today.

In the morning, when I was at the gym, excacly at 10:30 Reykjavik, Iceland time zone, I felt a heavy energy on my chest, a very dark energy, and all I could think about was to just stand up, leave my station and just call it a day! It was pretty heavy and a strong feeling and I straight away thought about Azazel and his energies coming to me.

Just hope that my end worked out, since the only black candles I could find were not black all the way through…


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Well the finding old friend yes and azazel is appearing. More often

So I was going to do the Sword of Azazel, but then Azazel showed up and said “You’re not doing that.”

He told me instead to light some candles, grab some cupcakes for an offering and stare at a picture of a sun with an eye in the center (posted below).

There, I had a vision. I was in a dark place surrounded by the Nine Gatekeepers, who were dressed in red robes and sitting on tall thrones made of rock. The area then began to shift. It ascended, as if I were on some sort of elevator.

We ascended into light and into a room of white marble and pillars, where there were many angels, demons and gods waiting for us. Azazel, in the form of a tall man with a goat’s skull and a black robe pulled me into a pentagram drawn on the floor. I was flanked by all the spirits I’ve met, who started chanting in a language I didn’t recognize. I think they also put their hands on my head as they did so.

Then Azazel spun me around to face Raziel, who presented me a sword with a silver hilt, an orange jewel and a white blade. They then brought out another version of me that was wreathed in yellow flames. I myself was wreathed in blue flames. I took the sword and stabbed the “other me”. There was cheering from everyone.

I then started floating on my back. I was pulled out of my body. Azazel took me by the hand like an adult would with a small child and lead me into another room. It also had white marble and pillars, but it also had windows with light pouring from them.

There was a throne made of gold at the other end of the room. Azazel showed me a box wrapped in a purple bow. “It’s a gift from Gabriel,” he said. “Open it.” I did, and a silver light spilled forth and I felt it “fill” me. I thanked Gabriel for her gift. Azazel then carried me up some stairs and placed me in front of the throne, encouraging me to sit. When I did, two manacles appeared from the armrests and trapped my wrists. The throne then pulled me down into the darkness.

When it stopped falling, I saw a huge, orange flaming eye staring at me. An enormous silver and purple dragon crawled out of the pupil. I sensed that the dragon was Abaddon, though I had never met him before. I also sensed Leviathan “underneath” us, but I couldn’t see him.

“You who dare to cross the Abyss, your self must first be destroyed.” Abaddon said as he circled around me. The eye then spewed these dark tendrils which entered my mouth. I could feel my mind being consumed by this darkness until I couldn’t even recall my own name. I thought I heard Belial’s voice chime in and said “Resilient, isn’t she?”.

The next thing I knew, I was back in the first room. An image of the sigil I used flicked in front of me, covered in blue flames. I heard Azazel call me a “spirit” or “denizen” of the Kingdom of Blue Flames and that “It was done.” There was cheering from everyone. “O glorious night!” I heard. “What a glorious night!” Spirits surrounded me and took turns giving me some sort of affection, from hugging to kissing to playing with my hair. I remember also excessively thanking them for whatever the hell just happened to me.

When the vision ended, I was instructed to eat one cupcake (which I did).

The whole experience left me feeling emotionally exhausted and empty, but full. I also felt some sort of burden being lifted from my shoulders.


Last night I had decided to participate using J.S Garrett’s Master Key. I found that as soon as the eclipse began the air became full of intense waves of energy. My aura became like static and it felt as if a source of great energy was beaming directly down, like a miniature sun floating above the house.

I waited until the total eclipse began to start the ritual. I lit the candle and incense, drawing open the gates of the cardinal points as well as taking from above and below.
Chanting (forgot to vibrate) the names of Azazel and Shemyaza, the light of the candle seemed to dim. The paper seemed to turn a dark grey while the sigil flashed.
I applied my blood to the sigil, although I’ve seen paper buckle when wet… this time it seemed almost to twist and shudder as if an invisible claw was etching the sigil deeper into the very paper.

Time passed while meditating, the sigil focusing so much energy that I could almost see it when my eyes closed. I heard words that are lost to me now and when the energy seemed to peak I burned the sigil. The energy seemed to ebb away extremely quickly. Closing the gates and settling the energy down after, I fell into slumber.

I saw and felt no weapon. Although my version wasn’t absolutely the same I do feel as if something occurred. During the sigil charging, after anointing with blood, the two eyes seemed to distort and shine. They took on depth nearly like looking at ones own eye in a mirror. There was communion during those moments. I had also written my initials on the paper before burning it.

I participated in the Rite of the Black Sun last year. I mention this because my forehead, along where I anointed during that rite, had been inflamed with power even into today. My aura seemed to catch with flames during the eclipse as well. The energy kept me awake until I intended the rite to take place.

That, currently, is what I recall.


@davolaki how do you use the weapon, is it an actual thing that you can use and hurt anybody with it? or is it an visual weapon, can you please elaborate thoroughly on what it is and how you use it?

My Blood Moon Ritual was also very different as expected. My plan was to invoke Lilith and Samael. When I woke up yesterday, Samael had told me to invoke Hecate and Lilith.
While Lilith is my Matron, I always had a close connection with Hecate. And Samael shows up when he wants anyway.
After watching the moon turn pink it got cloudy. I started the Ritual, with Lilith’s and Hecate’s Sigils covered the outlines in blood and gave an offering of red wine and blood. My own.
The energy went crazy. Lilith showed up, Hecate did, Samael did and then Leviathan followed by what I later found out was Azazel. I was in a closed room, no breeze. My candles stood quite and the incense burnt pretty straight up. Once I started the Ritual the energy started getting really dense. The candles and incense went nuts. I could see the shadows on the wall, forming faces, wings, a feline face, more humanoid faces. I managed to take a short video and sure enough one of the faces is right there. I started getting tired, really tired, like I’d gone 10 rounds with a bear.
But I received so much information. When I felt some energies leave, my sigil caught fire.
I opened the door and they flew out. For some reason it didn’t even occur to me that the burning sigils could cause damage inside. Good thing they didn’t. I’m still feeling as I spend the whole day yesterday in the gym, but wow, it was so worth it. I’m an empath and usually don’t see but feel the entities. Seeing this for the first time was absolutely amazing. One of a kind experience for me!!
I guess Azazael showing up means I’m supposed to work with him in the future. That’s how it happened with Samael. One day he showed up with Lilith and has been around ever since.


@randcam do you know what the weapon is during the ritual you just performed, what kind of weapon do you get. Is it like a gift?


E.A.Koetting said it’s astral weapon while J.S.Garret mentioned it might be just metaphor.

As far as my experience with ritual goes, it wasn’t much coz I am beginner but as soon as I burnt sigil I felt so good. I got that feeling which u get when you return home after long time being elsewhere. I felt like I am finally at home.


I didn’t receive a weapon. But then, this was the first time I met Azazel. I received a dagger from Lilith and Samael a couple of years ago. It was an astral weapon too, but a couple of days later, I saw the exact dagger in a store. I want to work with Azazel more, since he just showed up last night. Will keep you posted if I receive anything.
But yes, I think the sword of Azazel is an astral weapon.

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I also am exhausted. Right after the ritual I was very energized and alive, got some workouts in too, but this morning waking up- oh boy i feel so tired. My mind is awake but my limbs feeling so heavy.

@XCrazy_mos Also yes, it’s an “astral” weapon. When you are able to know how the universe/ realms operate then you’ll understand what the weapon really is, and how it works.


This is my first post and I will not have time to present my background or the information received in this ritual, just to let you know that the weapon that was given to me is a black sickle


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what can you do with the weapon, can you actually use it somehow?

Well, I can only base it on my experience with Lilith and Samael. It was astral, but I got a clear picture of what it looked like. That’s how I immediately recognized here in muggle life. I would assume it’s something similar.

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I basically did my first demonic ritual in a long time. Sat on my bed had my implements on a metal tray, I did a little chanting of shamyaza while listening to my favorite magiceorking song called “mine eyes” by switchblade symphony. at about midpoint of the song it got really really windy outside. The incense smoke went a little crazy I had a large frankincense and myrrh and a medium dragon’s blood and the dragon’s blood one hit the ground like a wind came through the room but I didn’t feel any wind. Then when I was burning the master key on the little metal tray I’ve got, instead of the Embers dying down they seem to get higher and higher and it overheated the metal and I had to try and blow it out and it flew to on my bed and caught my blanket on fire. I was running to go get a cup of water. Throughout the night afterwards I heard several of my little jewelrymaking beads go rolling across the floor. Today I seem to be getting all kinds of odd thoughts about existanlism and having everybodies heads turning my way as I pass by, which usually I’m very low key and go quite unnoticed. I dont think I got an exact weapon unless the ongoing and overwhelming thoughts of me creating jewelry pieces themed in darkness to use as talismans were what I’ve been given as my weaponry.