"Become a Vampire” spell/poem to Selene

yes he does. you clearly aren’t in the know. stop dumbing people down.

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Can you explain how it’s like living as a falagvah vampire? Just curious🤔

I see… :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

So, does that mean you are A, B, or AB? Just curious…

I would be wary of any spells claiming to change me in any way. Especially over night. If you really want to be a vampire or another kind of creature, I suggest contacting the gods/demons/spirits directly.

Hey! I want to try this but I had few questions

  1. How many times did u said it?
  2. I tried it but there was no knocking on my door. Do u have any suggestions what should I do?

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Sorry, I’ve been out of touch lately. Thank you for your feedback. It’s funny, at times I feel as though I am being watched myself and my sleep patterns are way off.

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Why would you like to be a vampire? It sucks.

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Romanticism, our society has praised and romanticized the archetype of the Vampyre, not digging into the truth.

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Tell me about it…

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And I am Jesuchrist’s cousin.

Perhaps, one of the constants in the occult is that nothing is impossible.

Although, I must agree with everybody above, a simple incantation with no offerings, no circles, and indeed little working knowledge of the entity that’s being called does seem fairly disrespectful.

Basically a blind evocation, only with a tiny bit of knowledge as to the being that is being called forth.

As far as being a vampire goes, we all have the ability to be psychic vampires, our bodies are naturally able to move energy back and forth at will.

With the fact that we are able to call forth Spirit such as King Paimon, Duchess Astaroth, and Lord Lucifer, is it really that big of a stretch that somebody could actually make the jump to full psychic vampire, and possibly, sanguineous vampire. Although, I sincerely discourage the latter.

This is just my 2 cents on this matter.


I had a similar event 4 months ago but mine was a little different

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I saw this thread and I’m more than curious about your experience with this ritual. I’ve been researching this the best I could but all I found it’s bits and pieces of info (some false, some weird and some sound legit) but this poem you mentioned it’s a bit different of everything I saw so far. The Vampire Bible mentions 7 keys… I just realized that there might be something there. And I read somewhere that this poem is just the 1st part, cause you need a full ritual… which I haven’t found so far. What do you think?. What happened to you?


Ritual work isn’t always necessary nor is offerings. It just depends on the entity and how they personally view you. Most occultist tend to assume that it’s the only way but my workings with entities never required ritual work. Of course nothing is free but not everything is required to do some flashy ritual. Most practice predatory vampirism to do the whole vampire thing, some go as far as experience an energy system “malfunction” which is what causes pay vampirism, some reach out to Ancient gods like Set and Aset who created the first Egyptian vampire lineages, or Lilith with her vampiric succubus/Incubus and so forth from different cultures.


Simple rituals with only let you achieve spiritual vampirism. If you want the physical characteristics that’s a lot more complicated and there not always fun.

I am 0 -, is not going to work for me?:disappointed_relieved: can you tell me more about blood ritual? I did the ritual you guys are talking about, with a pentagram, my faith and 5 black candles on a new moon. What else do I need to do ? I read I need to do it on a full moon.

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You don’t need a specific blood type lol, I don’t know where that guy got his nonsense from lol. However, there are a lot of Deities who are or have their own race of vampires. It of course does turn you into a physical vampire, but if the being agrees and accepts you, it’s more of a soul alteration which is basically making you on the physical side a psy one.


Where can I find the vampire bible

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