Preparation to Goetia

Hello Everyone!

I’m new to this forum because I find its discussions very interesting and hope to find suggestions in order to accomplish my magical work. I love jewish Kabbalah, magic and especially Solomonic magic. I would like to have suggestions about preparation to work with 72 demons of Goetia.

I hope to listen your precious opinions.

Thanks a lot!

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All you need is the spirit’s sigil and his/her enn.

Do not use the goetia method of circles and poking them because that will just make them go against you and you’ll get fucked up.

Besides that- use the forum search for help.


Also there is a proper thread for introductions



Thank you. I have another question: if I do not use circle, willI be in danger? How can I protect myself without offending the demon?

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Yep. When they can’t read the big pink letters that say “CLICK HERE,” that’s what I do.


Thank you!

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They’re not going to hurt you. It takes a lot of energy and effort for them to come into this plane so them using energy to hurt you won’t happen unless you piss them off.

You can put up a ward or something but it’s really not needed.

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Thank you very much. I have another question: should I practice a ritual to dismiss the entity in order to close the “channel” opened during the ritual?

To dismiss, simply say “thank you for coming, please leave”



Set your phone timer (under 15 mins). Look into the mirror, forehead area, but not the eyes. Lit a candle. Put a sigil next to you. Be respectful. Trust your gut feelings -emotions that you feel. That would be your sign. You do not have to actually ‘see’ anything. He already knows what you are doing. It is up to them to come or not to you.