Physical Transformation via Magick? (Male to Female)

What book is that?

It’s titled The Two Edged Sword.

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Who is its author? And what is its untranslated name?

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Prof. SMB Olorundare.

Ida Oloju Meji.

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Hiya OP! There’s a Kali out there that can change people’s genitalia, though I don’t know her name. Maybe trying asking the head Kali?

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What language is this?Words look very strange ans I think I say these symbols before…Reminds me a bit of greek.

It’s a Yoruba language.

It’s called ‘mystical characters’ in the book.

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Bruddas, we have found de wey




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nice…this is African magick,right?Can this be used for a Shapeshifting,for ex to make yourself look better or get bigger muscles or change eye color or something like that?


I don’t understand it like that. That character, the staff/wand I have seen before in one of Books of Solomon.

Yes, it’s the magical words that one need to utter, afterward say what needs to be done.

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really?Yoruba tradition is from Africa but anyways I don’t have anything against African witchcraft anyway…Maybe I will use this in the future…Seems to be doing wonders

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Indeed. I’m saying the work/art itself isn’t Africa. It’s an excerpt of Solomon’s book, and tweaked into the wonders it does.

And it is not witch crafts.

Do you know The Egyptian Book of The Dead? It’s so full of powerful stuff like these. Money rituals. Talismans…etc

It’s not online or any spiritual book stores, those who have it inherited it, some by chance friends let them photocopy it, and they hide; so, if you ask someone here who has the book, they will reply that they never heard of it before.

Same thing they do with the Two Edge Sword. Our people here are selfish. Priest and Prophets that make use of it wouldn’t use it to help others but their family members only and some of their friends and those close to them. They tell their members to fast and pray, that Jesus will answer them.


It’s called witchcraft,but that is just a word we say with a bunch of organs we were lucky to get…It only has the meaning we give it…I call many magick practices witchcraft but it doesn’t have a bad meaning for me…666 means nothing but millions,hell billion of christians believe it is the number of the beast…Pentagram means whatever you want it to mean…For some it’s a symbol of evil and the Devil,for some it’s good and a symbol of the 5 elements etc…You get the point…The world itself is subjective.This is greatly explained on pages 47 and 48 of The Book Of Azazel.For me witchcraft is using magick for your own gains like money,love,sex etc…And I do understand why the people won’t let everyone use those books.They see themselves as keepers of the tradition and the tradition itself was in danger from Christians or other people who want it gone so,these people think that their job is to protect it bur if they were to release the info to the world and internet,their tradition would be there always and forever but than they would lost their centuries old ,job’’ of keeping it alive

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Lol ok, I hear ya.

Where can you get that book, and is there a translation of it? Google has failed me!

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I have it. And there is no English version of it yet, though I wanted to translate it and throw it online, some part of it at least not all, but I’m too lazy to work it. It’s 300 pages; full of different charms, talismans, magical words, and explanation on how to use it etc.

It can’t be found online, people that have it hid it well.


Sounds like a real treasure.

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Hey can you elaborate on some of the rituals in the book of dead that are for money , talisman etc and how to proceed with rituals?