Accidentally opened my third eye with drugs?

The year was 2014
i was young and looking for some fun
someday i decided to buy LSD to experiment (i still dont know if this was really LSD or some fake generic drug)
but it was all good that day and after that i dont used it anymore
after 3-4 months I started to hear some noises around my room at exactly 11 PM
as if It wanted to get my attention. In the early days I didn’t really care about that, I thought it was normal. Then one day my light bulb has stopped working and every time I closed my eyes to try to sleep the noises started again and I felt a wind around my legs. I started to ask my parents if they hear too but they always said “No”
I was about to go crazy, every day it was happening with more frequency
idk what happened but after 3 months it all disappeared.
What you guys think? My third eye was opened during that time?

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Fun Facts: LSD (and other drugs related) can induce hallucinations in an individual even it they’ve only ever done it once. That said, I doubt that it’s a third eye thing but, hey, you do you man. You’re not the first person to use drugs to induce a spiritual experience. Shamans do it all the time.


The title should be called “Accidentally opened schizophrenia with drugs?”
(I didn’t even spent time to read what you said)

I wouldn’t call it that.

More like mild psychosis symptoms, if anything. It’s not uncommon for people to experience under the circumstances provided above and I doubt the guy and/or gal is in any actual harm.


Drugs open or better mess with parts of our brain that unless you work on them arent active. I cant tell if such thing is possible but its better to work on anything with a clean head but if you want drink some alcool before a working personally whyski help’s me .


Long Island’s are my personal favorite. I used to make one for myself and one for whatever being I was working with. Really made the environment feel more welcoming and less formal. Which I prefer.


3rd eye is never closed, low activity maybe but never closed unless literally you seal it closed.


Good point. I feel often people become too enamoured with the third eye and they don’t pay attention to all the other Chakras which are just as important to exercise if one wants to experience something.

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Certain energies enjoy messing with people. How do you know it was your third eye?

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