Need help summoning King Paimon

Hello! I’m new to all this stuff, but I’ve been practicing it for a couple months and have researched alot based on demonology and King Paimon. About half an hour ago i tried summoning him, but he didn’t seem to appear. I casted a protective circle before I tried the summoning, so i don’t know if that was the problem or not. I put his sigil in front of me and chanted his name (King Paimon) and then said my intent (I only wanted to talk and get to know him). It was meditation, so i don’t know if it works in that form aswell. I had moon water, red candles, and incense aswell (they weren’t lit) around me that were on his shrine. So, I don’t know what happened or what I did wrong. Can someone help me?

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I just did it ^^

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Please use the forum search function. Your question has already been answered.

About incense and manifestation of spirits: visualize, inside the smoke, the form of Paimon described by the Goetia. Initially you’ll see a vague figure partially objective and partially due to a state of trance you’re in; the form (naturally also of other entities) may become a bit more realistic with each summoning you do.

I’ve checked that. I’m looking for a different answer, one that most people don’t do and is more effective

Im not able to light candles and incense in the house since I have ashma, so I didn’t lighjt the incense. Is there anything else I can do with it?

More effective than…what?

Evocation depends on the magician, and a proper working method. Based on what you described, you provided nothing for the demon to use to manifest. You raised no energy, and provided no manifestation base, so there was nothing for the spirit to make a form out of.

Try this method:

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You may “structure” (visualize) the spirit either on e.g. the black screen of a cellphone, or in the water contained inside a bowl.

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There are already very simple methods in the forum. And most of them require no tools.

People can advise you , but the best teacher is yourself , you must learn and gain experience , keep practicing .