Demonic Defense & Demonic Identification

My introduction into magic is at the lowest level with several invocations to lessor spirits in the Wiccan tradition starting with some candle magic rituals. I have no knowledge of high or ritualistic magic. None of these rituals or practice has anything to do with my problem or was NOT brought about by my practice.

I am asking for some help and I am wondering if you have a casting for protection against a particular demon that has been sent to harass, the demon claims it is a destruction casting and has a destruction pact with the Warlock who has hexed me with a powerful confusion hex with constant voicing, starting with a horde of eight. I have warded and thwarted the other seven who have acceded, with one impure, malevolent spirit who will not leave. Do you have a casting that could help me banish this demon and call on other spirits to protect myself?

I am also curious if anyone might know of this demon who is a spirit of deception and noise. One of the main characteristics of his attack has been water, that’s right water and moisture. This demon has drenched me in water, and then pours water down my pant legs, it at times has flooded my waist, legs with water, drenching my socks and shoes. It constantly changes it voice and uses a number of different voices and mocks other spirits and their voices. It predominantly uses the voice of a child or girl. With this in mind can you identify this demon? Would you have a counter hex or a casting to thwart/banish this demon or a casting of protection against this spirit? Any information would be appreciated.


Use this spell but change the entity here to fit one that you’re already familiar with or call upon a protective entity or warrior goddess: Anat is an option I intuitively find will be helpful here, she grins the bones of her energies and scatters it to the four winds.

I modified this ritual for someone but simply add the changes I’ll give here.

Protection Spell: For the self

You’ll need:



A drop of your blood here would be ideal but not at all necessary

And some herbs: pick and choose from this list but have at least 3, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Clove, Cumin.

Mix these ingredients together and keep adding more charcoal till your get your mixture as close to the color black as possible.

Now this is already in itself black salt which can be used for protection by sprinkling in corners which you feel negative energy but you can take this a step further.

Cleanse yourself spiritually prior to this however way you best can: sprinkle salt and water over your self, saging yourself all around, that is burn the herb sage and pass the smoke all around yourself, take a spiritual path, it only needs to be simple. The aim of this is trying to get whatever negative energy that’s already in to go out of you.

The aim of this spell as a whole is to make sure the negative energy stays out and whatever remains is absorbed and nullified by your black salt.
Now salt traps negative energy and black as a color absorbs light, it absorbs energy into it. The color enhances the efficacy of the salt.

Once you’ve made and ground the mix the best way you can. Consecrate this to a spirit of your choice who deals with protection: could be angel Michael, could be Sekhmet, could be Isis, it could even be to your own godself if you’re well familiar with it.

Hold your hand over the salt and feel the energy of your mix, see and visualize energy stream from your outstretched palm into it and will this energy to activate the protective properties of all the ingredients in your mix.

Take your hand away and visualize the hammer of Thor over the mixture, see the night god himself wield that power and command lightning from the heaven to strike your mix. Hear the crackling of the thunder sizzle in the air and feel the energy of protection in that mixture.

Here you can add a verbal charge to the herb ( by all means tweak or this chant however you wish ):

“Salt cleanse and render anew
Black absorb the malice and hate
Let my body be cleansed by sage
Rosemary chase evil at all corners
By thyme, cumin and clove
Let this negative energy be gone from me
From this cursed spell I am now set free
In nomine sanguinis ( if you added blood this basically calls upon the power of your blood )

Take this mix and rub a small quantity on your forehead, on top of your head, at the base of your neck near your collar bones, on your stomach directly above your navel and the base of your feet.

Do this every night and each time once you’re done applying this to your body. Stand and visualize divine light surround your body from head to toe, very bright white light that repels and blinds whoever tried to see through it.

At this point you can ask for protection from a god or goddess of your choice.
In your case i’m suggesting Thor as I can see his influence around you.

Visualize the light protect you, acting as a living shield at all times.

“By Thor
My body, mind and soul are set free
The eyes of evil shall not see me
Their cursed words and wicked deeds shall be reflected away from me
I am protected all around
By blood and ash and thunder
By the mighty power of Thor
I render those witches weak
Their evil shall have no hold on me”

(Visualize Thor’s hammer over your head)


Well, first things first. Please take the time to introduce yourself in the Inro thread and let us know a bit about yourself:

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My personal response, if it isn’t just a parasite entity (your description sounds a little different than a run of the mill parasite shenanigans), i would say call a greater entity for assistance.
(The BALG community will most likely have some DIY solutions as well)

What deity or spirit to you feel you can connect with? I called to Fenrir for my first evocation ever, and asked. Then the wolf saw fit to grant me what I sought.


These options sound good ^ I’ve not yet had to do a ritual to banish annoying spirits. I do visualizations and prayers. But I like the lesser banishing ritual EA Koetting described in a video. I did it once in my Dad’s cabin to make sure no residue or anything else was left behind after my rituals.


Sounds like Valac to me. He’s fond of taking child forms and Evoking him for baneful work’s in vogue lately.

Burn some sage, concentrate, centre yourself, and recite the following: “Valac, baneful spirit thee, prithee hearken unto me, swiftly tangibly and affably, in guise unfrightening and known to me, and if thou be’est, entangled in a hex on me, rescind yourself and visit it on my attacker triple-y.”


Metatrons cube enclosing the banished, in a swastika lined cubeb as an outer container, was a way I recently banished negative energy, even imagining myself do it in every direction with or without godname vibration.


Valac. You are spot on! That is the answer i am looking for. Thanks and i thank everyone for there responses.

I have another question. At various times I smell strong rose or sage incense. At other times I smell strong musk perfume or other perfumes. Does anyone know why I am smelling these strong scents variously.