(Controversial) What Are Your Thoughts On God

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Do you want to be enlighten, The Light of Men is the Way.

1+1= One Truth

The Source of LIFE.

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No disrespect to no one, I was approved by Timothy. What’s going on god?

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The type of magic I like is knowing the Source.

One of my goals is to follow the Path (neither left or right).

I have the everyday struggle of every fallen being.

When we are born again (most don’t really understand what that mean), the struggle will be over because we will be like the Source.

Until we are gifted complete joy and the immortal body,

I see a wide range of opinions here and they all seem at least partially correct to me. One should ask, how can this be?

Simple: God exists, God doesn’t exist, and God is a metaphor. One can be an atheist or a fanatical believer and still be correct.

Applying science: Water takes three forms of ice, water, and air.

Ice=God as real, Water=God as a metaphor, Air=God doesn’t exist.

Parable: You are on a train and a woman comes aboard with an unusually shaped bag. You wonder what’s in the bag and you ask her. She says its a mongoose. You ask, “What’s a mongoose?” She says that “a Mongoose eats snakes.” You accept this “truth” at face value. But the bag doesn’t move and so conflicts with her statement. Soon you begin to wonder and you eventually come up with enough courage to tear open the bag and see for yourself. You find nothing within it. There is no mongoose. But the act of tearing open the bag and wondering about the mongoose made it “real” in a sense.

This not only explains the history of God. The woman represents the Church. This is how He can be real and false at the same time - Man made God, and Man became a product of God.

No one really knows God because everyone is busy talking and imparting trait until Him. Few “listen”. What is the loudest noise in the world? Silence.

Now for some rebuttals:


Umm, just because you manipulate said past doesn’t make it a reality!!! You have only changed the memory of the said past!!! That is not creating the said past!!! The only thing we silly humans can change is the present and the future and that is still with in the limitations of our reality!!!

Rebuttal: Reality is not driven by Reality, but the perception of Reality. If one alters history, later generations will take this altered Reality to be “Reality”. As far as they are concerned, it is the actual Reality. Thus, the past can be changed. This is the problem of the Gods, as history is no more than the collection of petty lies agreed upon by Man. So long as Man agrees on which lies are true, there can be no progress (And there is no progress, as it is commonly understood).

Evil does not exist sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God.

Rebuttal: There is a flaw with this story. Einstein takes the absence of light to be the original state of things, which it is not. Light is the invader and evil is the natural state. Absence of God, Godlessness, is the natural states. God is an imposition, an invader.

We do not try to lengthen a ducks legs or the bill of a crow. Yet, this is what the ancients did with Man when they preached morality and goodness. They sought to change what Man is and continue to do so. The cause of evil is not evil, but good imposing itself. If there was no good, evil would be seen as normal (Which it is). But evil is not “man’s inhumanity to man” but rather individualism and independence. “Man’s inhumanity to man” is a consequence of good confusing Man.

Einstein was smart but certainly not wise. It was an amazing feat of Man to somehow separate knowledge from wisdom!


Do you want to be enlighten, The Light of Men is the Way .

1+1= One Truth

The Source of LIFE .

Rebuttal: One cannot expand on itself. It must split to expand. Hence, 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 4, etc. Humpy Dumpy sat on a wall. Humpy Dumpy fell and broke into a million pieces.


it’s more so the concept of the universe trying to restore order as I said about how some can see God as being the universe itself.

Rebuttal: It would be bad if perfect order were to be reestablished. I understand that this is why daemons exist as perfect order is most oppressive. Life (Diversity) is a consequence of chaos as life is chaos. This is why many political leaders seek to control or exterminate life through genocide. Control fails in the long-term. Genocide is effective because life is completely curtailed. This is why pest exterminators are heavily-relied upon as they produce results. “Balance” would be more apt. Thus, there would be no excess.


God is a title. Nothing goes past God. The idea of overcoming God is a categorical fallacy. God is the fundamental ingredient that causes your existence. To be separated from God is also a catagorical fallacy. God is not the king, God is the kingdom.

Rebuttal: Or in other words, Man is not on a journey. It is the journey. But to be everywhere is to be nowhere.


“But there was no love, just power.”

Rebuttal: This was my first experience of them as well. However, when one comes face to face with a different truth than one’s own, it often feels overpowering and thereby oppressive.

Love is partial and therefore the real oppressor of Man, much like goodness and righteousness.

Oh and for those who say the Dao=God, this is a very crude equivalency, based upon cultural equivalency. The two concepts are similar but not the same. To say the Dao = God is to say that a white horse is a horse (Which can be proven is not because of language limitations).

wild Alex appears

Normally I just lurk, aside from the few posts I’ve made, because I base a lot of my beliefs off of dreams I’ve had. BUT, the timing of me seeing this post on my homepage is convenient. Annddd it’s already noted controversial, so I feel like it’s a good place to talk about it.

Do you believe in such a being ?

Yes, but not the traditional construct of “God” as indicated in world religion. I believe in the duality (kinda). In my experience/visions, there is creation/existence, which is the “top level” entity. Within him are two entities, but–sticking to the thread–we’ll focus on one: “God” (or, the I stole from Gnosticism, “Pleroma” for the sake of clarity).

In my humble opinion, the primary “god” worshipped by the christians is actually one of the hosts of the actual god. (I know it sounds dumb but just follow me on this one.) They are either worshipping the original host that created the Earthen Realm OR they are worshipping the Controller (which Gnosticism basically calls the Demiurge, I’ve found later in life.)

“Pleroma” chooses “hosts” which are then tasks with new creations/ruling the heavenly providences as like an “emperor” for lack of a better word.

I got too excited and made a chart because I always get too carried away with this stuff:

If you do believe in such a being then why ?

I’ve had these dreams since I was a child. They’ve been consistent with their messaging and symbolism. Also, Mysterious basically confirmed it at some point early on in this journey–though he likes to lie sometimes. :eyes::eyes:

Also, I’d much rather believe in something than nothing because it’s absolutely fascinating to me.

Have you ever had a experience with such a being ?

Yes. I have. Though, honestly, we all have but just have never noticed. The act of being is experiencing the “top level” god. The next level–“Pleroma” I’ve experienced twice. The first time I experienced “Pleroma” was in my youth–I was under attack by a shadow entity, and the spirit entered the room I was in and chased away the dark entity.

The second time was completely by accident in a lucid dream when I was facing Nibanae (you can see more about it in my other thread). This entity entered the chess board that we were on and banished the creature from my dreams.

How can I describe this entity?
The feeling of driving through the country and you can see all of the mountains. The feeling that I imagine normal people get around babies (I don’t like babies, so I don’t know what that’s like). Trapped in a room with the cutest, fluffiest puppies (or insert your own favorite animal here).

Powers of The Entity

  • Light manipulation
  • Can create from “nothing” (ability to manipulate the energy within creation to create new things, really)
  • Matter manipulation
  • Banishment
  • (Believe it or not) the ability to dis-assemble creations, though in my observances he has a tendency to recycle rather than destroy

Goals of the Entity

  • Preserve the balance
  • Create
  • ?

Sounds weird, but this is my present belief system. :sweat_smile:

These are some of my favorite videos. Their content is amazing.


Yes, but not in the anthropomorphic sense. There’s no real why because “God” is consciousness–of which human consciousness is a fragment–that is the substance of all existence. “God” is existence itself. Yes, all of us do in different ways for consciousness has many aspects or arrangements.

So many !!! in that post. I think they were threatened by the discussion…

When I was a truck driver, briefly, 2 days before I was given a haul that took me to within visitation of an ex I sorely needed closure with, my future self came to my present self in a dream and told me to seek her out and get the closure I need because she would be available when my rig stopped in her area. When I woke up, I was like, " that´s strange" but two days later, I got the order to haul to her city and…she was available. Got my closure. To me that seems like changing the past, yes? Of course, now, I have to figure out when I have to go back to ensure the past doesn´t change back, yes?

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Thanks for that, It was actually intended as an observation. Not a response needed.

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I remember a quote from somewhere. “In the beginning man created God and in favour, God created man”
and while doing research on demonology I found Poke Runyon. Who describes it this way from talking about scrying and scrying in the black mirror; "Maybe that is why it is written in the bible that “God fastened man in his own image”

In June 1985, during basic military training (boot camp), 4:55 am one morning, I had a sudden visit by Jesus, and He was testing me. I flunked it, and that morning, I flunked the test by the Military Training Instructor (MTI), and this was all about how you greet the MTI. This is what I flunked with Jesus, before waking, at 5 am. I have not yet had voices, or visits, by any other being, my entire life. There are a lot of issues, with belief systems (Faiths), but I know that Jesus, is not fake. You can actually talk to Jesus directly, to find answers( can be done). Man made Faiths, are flawed.

I was a hardcore Pentecostal Christian from about 1996 to 2003. I lived and breathed Christianity and all that entails. I basically left the Church in 2004 after becoming disillusioned. After many years I realize how foolish it is to believe in these mainstream religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Take some time to read their texts. They are filled with much violence and intolerance. Never would I go back to those religions after “waking up”. Now today we have folks literally believing in the texts in these old books. They even want to shape our country with the laws listed.

I’m curious now that you have “woken up” what you believe in now?

I believe God but I think nobody knows. Eventually all of us are ignorant in this infinite knowledge source.
Maybe all theories are wrong

I look as God ass not one thing but a collective. There’s also mention to the collective consciousness which affects every single living thing

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