In a state of gnosis I spoke with a tall, shadowy figure: advice needed?

Firstly, I will introduce myself. My name is Ruben, I am from London in England… I am 26-years-old and work for a major newspaper as a journalist; my grandmother is, and has, been a Gnostic for over 50-years and every family member bar my grandfather practices in some form of esoteric system of belief, whether left or right, magic nonetheless.

We are Ethnic Jews, and I am a student of Kabbalah; however I have deviated from my studies somewhat over the past few years. I digress. In a state of meditative gnosis, just yesterday evening, I met a tall shadowy, what I believe to be, man. He was to my left, my right, behind and in front of me. His voice was inside my head, but I am certain he was not an extension of myself.

In this fleeting conversation; which took no longer than a few minutes, but felt like it had taken hours, he relayed to me ten verses of what seem like some kind of scripture. The odd thing was that I did not write until I had left my meditative state, and was rather unsteady on my feet, as if I were in a trance–however his words reverberated around my head long after.

I was also left with a retina burn. When I closed my eyes I could see a Lion mask–if you have seen The Shining, it looked identical to the bear masked man in the deleted scenes. The mask itself did not look much like a lion, however I know that’s exactly what it was, if that makes any sense.

Moving on. I wrote the ten verses down, and was promised to be visited again. When I slept last night I had a lucid dream that a crow was flying across my room, and into my bed. My eyes were open, but I was asleep, and as the crow hit me I jumped and ran to turn on my light. I am not sure whether it was a hallucination, or a vision.

I have had one of these before, many years ago. I performed a ritual of which I will not detail; two crows flew across my room, but only one hit me, and the magick thereafter worked. I took this as a sign. However, this time, the crow was alone.

The verses are very nonsensical and seem to make little sense. I am called to the most spiritually adept of you to contact me and help me decipher this strange system of numerical code, and figure from who this came.

My fear is that I have been contacted by the same spirit who has contacted men of the past, who in turn thought they were prophets. Muhammed, Joseph Smith, A. Crowley, etc. So, with that in mind I leave you now.

If you ask why I do not contact my teachers in regard to this matter, it is because I fear I have spoken to some malignant spirit, and if anybody knows anything about Jewish mysticism, I will be ostracised and accused of practising dark magick.

Yours truly,


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Many demons use symbols as a way of communicating their identity, the black figure is a messenger responding to your rituals. Lucifer uses the color black as an identifier and assorted clothing and surrounding’s you as Lucifer’s envelopes this world and surrounds you as he is part of nature, he is conveying a message, announcing His presence.

The black Crow or Raven is a warning of misfortune. For it to come back to you and attacked by a crow means that your past keeps coming back to you, perhaps a feeling of guilt.