I have so many questions, seeking the help of more experienced evokers

Hello. I am new to demonology and curious about having experiences with probably a few incubus and succubus. However I do have many fantasies that I would like to try out with them but, since I am new, I don’t know what is acceptable or possible for the demons.

Here’s a few questions that I would like to know: is it possible for them to shapeshift or perform physical transformation on both themselves and others? Are they fine with casual sex? What do they think of homosexual and lesbian interactions? Are they open to group sex (as in, summoning multiple demons)?

If anyone have some knowledge or experiences of anything above, I would like to know how did that went and what, if anything, I would need to do in particular during the evocation to make it so the summoned demon’s interests aligns with mine?

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Welcome @MyNameIs . Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself, and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

PS: Please try using the search function in the upper right. All your questions have been asked and answered before.

These will get you started:

A word of advice, this is nothing to jump into. You first want to understand (to the best of your own abilities) these wonderful beings. Not all of them like to just “fuck”. Some want a relationship which may span across a lifetime. Although doing the letter of intent in the 2nd link will help find the “match” for you.

Also, how developed are your psychic abilities? Clairsentience and clairaudience would help tremendously. If you can’t hear them or feel them you’ll either think you failed to contact one or you’ll feel rejected. Either way, that could still happen, but if you’re abilities aren’t being trained, they’ll be no way of knowing for sure (unless you and your spirit lover find another psychic ability that you all can communicate through).

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I can only talk from personal experience, and can say summoning a succubus has been the most rewarding experience of my magical career to date, with some caveats as above. In terms of the type of relationship you form, it is potentially limitless but depends upon the individual spirit. If your sole intent is sex, you may end up just as disappointed as on the human plane. However, in my own case, the knowledge I have developed about the relationship between sex and love has been astronomical. These spirits operate on a much higher frequency and have far greater understanding than human beings. I truly cannot describe the ecstasy of this type of union. However, I do echo the comments about psychic ability - you are likely to get bombarded with physical arousal initially, which soon tapers off in which case you must rely on clairsentience or clairaudience. Fortunately I have learned to develop the latter, but there are times when you may feel rejected or abandoned - and there is no feeling on earth as bad as being rejected like this!


Do you know if masturbation affects the succubus in any way?

@Zamasu Do you mean masturbation outside of being intimate with a succubus? Depends on the personality of the individual spirit. They do have preferences so there may be some that might have an issue. It also depends on if you petitioned one or not. What was the parameters used, that sort of stuff.

However, I haven’t noticed any negative reactions or anything like that. In fact, my spirit lover actually participates in it. Basically right before I get off she lights up all my nerve endings down there with sexual pleasure and then prolongs the point between the beginning of the orgasm until you “let off”. Then BOOM! Really hard orgasms. Really intense Trantric-like body orgasms too.

My succubus hasn’t been intimate with me yet but sometimes when I masturbate she squeezes my balls which is kinda nice. She seems to like to tease me but never goes all the way so I need to masturbate to compensate sometimes.

I pretty much know nothing about her especially considering that at first there was a spirit responding for my succubus who turned out to be an imposter, so now I’m just completely confused as there seems to be a lack of progress…

I was just wondering if I shouldn’t masturbate to speed up the progress or something.
She’s been with me for some months now.

She always touches my face(especially my nose) and has never left.


try to induce yourself in the astral, and talk to her

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I believe that masturbation is a means of giving or releasing energy by a means that doesn’t commit to sex. So masturbation would only affect a succubus to my knowledge if you wanted it to. Tis all about the intent. If you are masturbating to give energy to her, then she is directly affected by it. If you are masturbating for just pleasure then it wouldn’t make any affect as far as I know.


How does one introduce yourself in the astral?

listen to this when you´re going to sleep

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Does this music have significance when romanticizing with a succubus? I am new to this forum and I am trying to learn as much as I can about them before I collect my thoughts and summon one.

Is there anything else I need to know pertaining the atmosphere when summoning? Do I need candles, a pentagram, etc?

First thing you need to do is to make an introduction.

The music here primes your brain using special sound waves to better help your spirit to leave your body. That’s all it does really.

Alright thank you.