My JOURNAL - Dantalion


This tread will be my journal were i write about my journey with Dantalion and our pact. I’m a newbie in this world, and so far my interactions with him has been good. For a few days i have been reading up on him and scribbling his sigil down so I could get a feel of his energy.
Earlier today i preformed a ritual, were i lit some candles, chanted his enn and meditated on his sigil. After a while i could feel his presence as my body became heavy and it became hard to breathe. I talked a little to him, explaining my situation and my thoughts about him. I asked him about his gifts, and told him i wanted to make a pact with him. I wrote the pact, and asked if he agreed to my terms, and it felt like he did. I asked him to visit me in my dreams tonights so we could talk there. I will update you guys on this journey, and tell you more about our pact when i see his work in progress.

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