Djinn Queen Aynah

Anyone else have worked with Queen Aynah of the Djinn? I was impressed by her beauty and her grace, appeared with long black curly silky hair, a white long dress with lots of pearls all over. She seems to be a moon Djinn in white, silver and lots of white looking precious stones like pearls and maybe selenite or white opal. She is a Djinn of Love and pleasure.


She sounds like Lalla Malika

What’s your experience in working with her?

hello sir can u tell me how to conjure queen aynah…am new here…thank u

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Can u guide me on how to conjure her…

Pages 28-29 of the Red Magick Grimoire of Djinn Spells (which is available for free to download if more info on her was Googled like suggested in your other thread) outlined a simple way to conjure her.

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