Does Masturbation create bad Karma or draws Negative Energy?

The excess may “disappear” by fueling a ritual or be a side effect of magical/yogic/etc. abstinence, an author wrote that the “mercury” (semen) undergoes certain changes… Although yes, a masturbatory act may serve to that purpose, indeed.

But unfortunately quite a lot of people who suffer from it don’t know anything about yoga, magic, meditation, etc. So they use what they have AT HAND. No pun intended, lol.

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Depends on what you mean.

The act itself wouldn’t, however depending on what you have on your mind while you choke your chicken it could cause shit to happen to you.

I won’t deny that. You have a fair point in there.

You better read scientific researches on this topic, rather than ask there, lad :slight_smile:

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But to get to the original question of the OP; the Heliopolitan creation myth describes the self generated, primordial god Atum as creating the Universe from an act of masturbation. The Rg Veda recounts a similar theme. The creative force unleashed by masturbation is a powerful tool for manifestation sol long as the force is focussed and harnessed to the Will. It is no accident that it is listed as a powerful technique to charge sigils in Peter Carroll’s “Liber Null” or as a technique taught in the VIII grade of the Hermetic triad in the OTO syllabus, or as a technique for the building of a spirit body and attracting a familiar spirit in witchcraft.

As with everything, it’s all about Will; when properly directed only good things happen :grin:

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Well you know what happens when religion suppresses sexuallity it makes people do funny things. Maybe it made them extra extra curious about your Butt =)

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So before I read this and your response I did this, and I swear it’s working! The other day I fapped and I was imaging myself living the way I want to live and looking the way I want to do, I like forced myself to keep my mind in this state of imagination believing it to be real or that it was going to actually happen in the future instead of thinking about something dirty, and afterwards I feel this very light feeling, like bliss mixed with contentness. It’s crazy how the mind works I swear it’s so powerful, most humans let their minds control them and their feelings, I try to do the exact opposite and I’ve been getting pretty good results so far and almost instantly !


my man! you won the internet today!

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When people do it to give their ejaculation as an offering to a diety like Lilith, what is it they do, it is only used on the seal to charge it, is it on the altar or candle etc. If someone wanted to try it as an offering to a God or someone, what would they do?

I’ve noticed a drain in stamina.
Whenever I ejaculate I feel drained.
I actually got my only two girlfriends by not masturbating.(I’m 31 now so it’s kindof pathetic in my opinion).

I would just hold out and think about my Crush.
Pheromones maybe…
Then stuff happened.

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I don’t think masturbating is a bad thing but…

I do think one should manifest something as they masterbate. Watch a youtuber named “Doelow & Teal Swan”… They’ll explain this more clearly.


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Thats only because the Men are jealous and want her for themselves.