Changing sexual orientation by magic?

Generally, is there any way that we can trough using of magic someone change his/her sexual orientation, and what kind of magic is that, spell, invoking spirit or what? Any experiences?
Is it possible?
Let say magic to change someone who is homosexual to heterosexual :thinking:


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It’s in the realm of possibility, many people are fluid in the sexuality more than they think, while some are literally incapable of having their sexual orientation “widened” in my own personal experience with magick/bonds, I’ve made a hetero man sexually attracted to me, of course the issue with this is there being internal conflict with the target, such as why they feel that way, them denying it, etc. However, I did have my “fun” for a while with it, never took it too far and removed what I did and he went back to “his ways” so to speak. It’s been years now, I am still friends with him, but now he has a wife and kids.


Yes it’s possible…Speak to King Belial. He has actually been known to change the sexual orientation of people who invoke him. Lol even if someone makes him promise to not change it, he does it anyway. So he can do it to ya


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Its a italian author who has tat book. In lulu…com. And amazon the title say somwthing of gay, and lesbic love, half of tis book, was from a Russian witch, which a lot of peopls complain and was take-down in amazon kindle he write half of tat book… Tiny letters great book. He give 4 spells yo chamge peopls sex orientacion tru evocacion.

Personal opinion: I don’t agree with this. Most people know by now I’m all about not messing with people until they’ve done something to truly warrant it.
HAVING SAID THAT, King Belial absolutely has this power and honestly seems to really enjoy using it.
So try Him.


I doubt it’s possible but if it is I wouldn’t recommend trying it lol

Which book? Do you remember the name of the author or the book?

I totally agree with this and have done this myself several times. When you remove labels like straight, gay and bi, performing this type of magick is way easier. And like you said some people are just purely incapable of widening their sexual orientation.
Sometimes, some people just need their perspectives on how they view live and sex broadened


Nope like myself my ritual space is primarily done for masculinity. I love it from of guy to another (if you are a male) it’s rather rude to do that to someone. But no like me for instance masculinity doesn’t go away. Personally I think both Lucifer and abbadon are the best though Lucifer is by far the best and king. No one Trump’s the two especially the fae or other leasure gods. But you respect the two anyone other no abbadons females are typically the easiest as they really aren’t that bright in the first place but the pussy is good when it comes his concubines. But for the most part it’s is not likely going to end well if you try to change their gender. I was a awkward younger male personally I loved the male to females as they are a work of art. Pagen females are kinda not the best to fuck so I really wouldn’t do one probably a quick thrill but no many really aren’t that good.

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Might not invoke him he might try to turn me into a freaking female then lol never knew that fact

I don’t think it’s rude if you do it with the right intentions. For example doing to because you think broadening their perspectives on sexuality can help them grow.

I feel like it would be rude or immoral if the person your targeting is happily married with kids or something.

But if you see they are completely miserable I. Their current relationship maybe doing magick to give them a secret love affair could help them mentally and spiritually. Again I believe this should become with good and pure intent.

If your doing this to turn it around and use them against them out of spite I believe that’s very rude, immoral, and karmic

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You could go to youtube and type in keywords like these and listen to audios:

Become heterosexual
Heterosexual Subliminal
Heterosexual Isochronic
Heterosexual Binaural

Since you specifically mentioned homosexual to heterosexual, there are several become heterosexual audios on youtube:

but you could also try to type in other sexual orientations if that’s your preference. The way that these subliminal audios work (any kind, not just about sexualities) is that it changes your subconscious mind by placing commands into your subconscious, either at such a low volume that you can’t hear the commands, or hearing several commands overlapping each other (to confuse your conscious mind so it gets accepted by your subconscious mind) with a subliminal track over it.

You may feel a tingle on your person, your thoughts may change, you may get headaches, or you may receive signs here and there that you’re on the path to becoming heterosexual again. It’s recommended to drink lots of water since it can dehydrate you, give you headaches, and other subtle feelings that make you feel odd at first, but you’ll get used to it as time goes on.

Do be careful about dehydration if that’s a serious concern for you. Also never use while driving, operating heavy machinery, or when you’re doing something that requires intense focus. Be careful if pregnant, nursing, or if you have heart problems. A bit of a tangent, but if you have health problems then you may want to use subliminals to heal those issues first before using them for something like sexuality.

It’s called brainwashing by way of beliefs which is hypnosis. Some people believe it so strongly, it becomes true for them. There’s been a study. Some or many lesbian became lesbian because of sexual abuse and rape from guys when they were younger. The trauma turn them off to guys. Condition reflex of emotional trauma. Big possibility.

that’s not the case with a lot of women who call themselves lesbians.
Sure a lot of women are sexually assaulted or have something traumatic happen to them, traumatic events do not change a persons sexuality.

If you have a bad meal, do you never eat again? No! You would try again with the kinds of meals that you like.

During the first 6 months of being in the womb, your personality is developed, part of that is your sexuality, studies show that certain parts of the brain being either less or more active dictates sexuality too

Some links:

Also, it is more of a case of a person getting in a relationship and feeling off even though they’re with a nice, loving person, then they get with the same gender and realise that they’re actually gay.

No one chooses homophobic abuse and to live in a society where you are constantly judged and interrogated for being a lesbian or gay, that’s just not how it works.

I’ll keep that in mind just in case I ever contact him