What has led you to the lhp

As stated in title what has led you here just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well @mrk, it seems you have not yet done an introduction. As it is a rule here and required, please CLICK THE LINK BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:



I did find an interest because the LHP path is ordinary. It will always be a path that’ll lead to endless avenues. I feel as if RHP has a path that leads to a door that’s locked for no reason.


I honestly am not in the LHP, but I join LHP forums simply because there’s people who aren’t LHP in it that can hold interesting conversations. I don’t quite fully believe in LHP or RHP. Both are lowkey dumb and limiting to me even though one flexes to be “more free” then the other.


I believe in the RHP tbh

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I walk in the grey. But it was technically abuse that brought me here.


I got led to the LHP because i was sick of being good and praying to “gods” that would do nothing to help me as my life fell apart i started wanting to hurt people around me and make them pay and i found if i focused my anger on getting to be powerful and have friends and people who would do almost anything for me i felt as if i could do somewhere in the world. Now i focus on trying to summon all the spirits i can to help me even more.


Just sick of feeling like I am not in control. Not really fully “lhp” though.


It was the first path I found and there were no other options because of my economic situation. I left it because it was bad for my mental health (I’m currently a Thelemite). Paradoxically to some, switching to Thelema was Azazel’s idea, and the Thelemic training with him began before converting, although I didn’t knew until I read about Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema


Just for clarification, since LHP means different things to different people. I define LHP as the path that assumes the unlimited potential for spiritual development. That we can become as the gods, and we don’t need to unite with any external higher power. This doesn’t mean there is no room for worship and prayer. Daemonolatry is a good example of this. It also doesn’t mean to be on the LHP limits you to working with dark entities or demons.

In some ways, I wish we could come up with a better term, because the RHP/LHP labels have become too confusing and industrialized. By the definition I gave, I am a LHP practitioner. However, I don’t see the point in assuming any label anymore, due to the confusion the term has engendered.


I love this definition. That however is the inherent flaw in categorizing things, it necessarily leads to arguing about definitions, and pervesion of the original idea.


If only we could communicate without labels… Unfortunately, the human race isn’t there yet. That’s why I think we just need to redefine the LHP ideology into a different label. Make it easier to understand and realize it is not a dichotomy issue. It’s a unique perspective on spirituality that not everyone holds.


It is the eternal struggle. I have no doubt your new definiton will be amazing, but in time it too will become corrupt. What is it about living long enough to become the villian?



Too true. We just have to do our best to update things. Eventually all things will evolve and change and need to be redefined relevant to the time and culture. The LHP/RHP labels are just one of those things we’ve got to update.


Not entirely sure which path I’m on other than my own tbh but I suppose I hold far less judgement than I used to and I’m drawn to the idea of control and spiritual development

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i am HELL
i am the I AM

Personally, I’ve been dealing with paranormal my entire life. I was about 6 or 7 when I had a very interesting conversation with my own Father. He believes in a Higher Power; yet, doesn’t believe in organized religion.

So, long story short - I asked my Dad why we prayed to God instead of Satan. Since my Father is a rarity among men, my Dad actually knelt with me and prayed to Satan.

Then told me I choose my own path.

So, I did.


I wish I had a father like that, damn… :cry:. He saved you many years of stumbling and groping for answers. You are truly blessed.

It took angels and demons many years to finally get me to see that the only dichotomy and limitation was my own biases and beliefs. It took an angel’s voice saying “You must become as God”. As Yahweh says, “I create evil”. He is darkness and light, yet not either. And that is what we must become.


I sits where I fits, and I fits in the LHP.



We create our own choas by our fears, instead of letting things be at times. Water is ever changing, ever flowing. Very much like the wind!

My Father expected us to stand on our own two feet. I still have insecurities - it’s normal. My Dad just broke the bands of the abuse cycle with him - including four brothers.

Real men don’t beat others with a cast iron skillets…

I’ve never known abuse. The men in my family are proud and gentle men. Yet, you mess with their women (wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, mother-in-law’s, neices, etc.) or so much as hit a child in their presence - be prepared for them to protect their own. They have no qualms about calling in legal authority.

I’m a Daddy’s girl, I’m a grown woman, but I still know how to make my Dad go “awwww, my offspring is a weirdo!”

Wooooooow, sorry, tanget.

But on hard days @veneficus, say:

i am Heaven.
i am Hell.
i am the I AM.

But let it be known, my Dad did a lot of shadow work after he almost beat a man to death for dissing his wife - my Mother.