Grand Duke Dantalion first invocation (quote long, sorry!)

Hey everyone. I’m new here and i’m going to post my invocation with Grand Duke Dantallion here.

First let me tell you why i invoked him.

I live in Xanthi, Greece, where i speak both Greek and Turkish. But i mostly speak Turkish. I’m going to a Greek speaking school, but since my Greek is not the best i don’t understand a lot of things so i became very scared of school that i started having a lot of abcenses. The teachers were yelling at me, telling me to learn Greek, but it was not that easy for me. Since i failed my class the principal told me to not come again until next year (this september.) In class i was having panic attacks, i started hallucinating and i stopped eating food because of the stress and pressure they were putting on me. I became so depressed because i didnt understand the language and i was comparing myself to other students, wishing i was more like them.

So… i decided to drop out (please, please don’t judge me, Dantalion didn’t judge me so i hope that you wont too.) but since i’m still young, i can’t!
I’m going to a Psychiatrist this Tuesday, and i want to convince the psychiatrist to let me drop out. (Again, please don’t judge me, the schools are very toxic, so it would be the best thing for my mental health.)

I think Dantalion asked me to invoke him because when i got in this forum i saw his name everywhere. So i did invoke him.

I opened his sigil and i called his name out. I didn’t feel or see anything, but when i asked him to hear me out, i felt his precense in the room. So while i was staring at his sigil i told him about the situation. I told him everything, and i told him that in return i would share my story with you guys. After that, he told me to explain the situation more clearly, so i did, and he said okay. After i finished the invocation and moved into the next room, he told me in my head to first tell you guys about the invocation, so that’s why i’m writing this. Now i’m waiting for the results, please, please don’t judge me, this is the best decision for me and my mom agrees too.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.


I agree that Greek schools are for the trash, and I don’t know in which grade you are, but unless you have other ways to make a living in the future (things are very tough in Greece as you know), try at least to get the basic education. You just have very bad teachers, I had a girl from Albania in my class, same situation as you and the teachers were very helpful and kind with her.


Stop being scared about the judgment. In this case those people were the fucking assholes with you. If someone is judged you will be the last on the list with this story.

You did the right thing. School already put a natural pressure so with the rest of what you had I think you would be in depression after.

Take your time to heal. Dantalion seems like a wonderful help to cheer you up and I think that’s what you need, evoke him more. It’s finny because yesterday I did my first evokation with him and binding. We spent hours of talking and he’s very sweet.

Trust him. Forget a little bit the whole thing, he’s going to take care of it. Evoke more but talk with the depth of your soul.

In fact I will just put my Dantalion thread here because I made one today and there’s conversation so you will see by yourself how great this spirit is. He’s not judging because he’s very wise since he’s a mind spirit. He knows.

You know I really don’t regret to have this connexion with him right now. Keep talking with him. He’s talkative. Be naked and prepared to have a lot of feelings when you speak with him, he likes to talk about things that really hurts,… To get to know you in a real way.


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I, too, evoked Dantalion (earlier this week). I used EA’s words of calling forth, gazed at Dantalion’s sigil and chanted his enn (Avage ayer Dantalion on ca). When the time seemed right, I greeted him, made my request and stated the offerings I would make. I gave license to depart, but in a way that specified I am glad to have him remain near me, whenever, mentoring me. I asked for a sign that a connection had really been made. I stepped outside my door, looked on the ground, and there was a small scrap of paper with the word “Nexus” printed on it. (A nexus is a connection.) I am humbled to have Dantalion working with me, am trusting in his abilities, and will update later… Avage ayer Dantalion on ca


I just completed my first invocation with him. I hope I did it correctly. While listening to his Enn my body got this strong sense of presence and my entire body tingled. I offered what I had(Honey) and asked for his assistance with my request. While writing this my body still feels surge of energy. I burned the Sigil. If you see anything I did wrong please correct me as I plan to contact 2 more within the next few weeks

Someone wise once told me, Life more simple and easier if you throw everything they told you in school

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