I am from india. Want to learn and know about KALI.
Has anybody here worked with her. Any experiences like evocation/invocation/manifestation of KALI.
Please guide how to move forward in this directions.
Ashish yogi




I have introduced myself on the forum.
However again I am doing the same.
I am ashish yogi from india.
Practising yoga and meditation for the past 15 years.
In search of different ways of spiritual advancement from all around the world.


Dude, you have to do it in the proper thread I just linked.

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I am not trying to sound rude, but I am legitimately curious how you live in India and feel the need to come somewhere like this to ask about Maha Kali? You live in the source. Visit her temples and walk the cremation grounds and you will know the Dark Mother.


Never mind. i saw your post in the thread. Welcome!


Yes it may sound strange. But in india there is a practice of not telling or revealing the real secrets and different practices die with the people. And that’s how it is here in my country.
I posted here so that I may get proper directions.



I hope these help!


What I want to know is what kind of offerings does kali like?
And what can she help with?

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NAmaste and welcome to the forum

That’s funny because I visited India and almost went to the Kali temple but the ppl I was with who were from Calcutta were too scared to go

Also I knew a woman who meditated on Kali. I think with a red candle but that’s all I know

I believe she was communicating with Kali because she needed strength in the face of challenges she was facing.


Kali like all sorts of things, especially flowers and such. She is the slayer of demons, the black mother who destroys illusions and breaks down your ego. She is all encompassing and she is terrifying, and yet can be the most gentle and loving goddess I have ever worked with.


She seems to like being approached gently. I’m taking that from how Shiva had to switch approaches when trying to get her to chill out after the monster she was created to destroy was defeated. He first tried to be aggressive but when that didn’t work he got passively sexual and that worked.


Damn Shiva is so pretty…


I have worked with Mahakali, simply doing mantras and meditation. She is an amazing Goddess, and I am very grateful for her help. I found certain mantras are more than enough to evoke her and request her help. Imo, be respectful and you have nothing to worry about.


I’ll also add, when you ask for Mahakali’s help, there is no going back. Have no doubts in your mind, and no second thoughts. She delivers, and if you change your mind later, too bad.

I am not a rich person. I offer her what I can, with utmost respect, and it is enough.


That point can not be emphasized enough. When she starts her work you are no longer in control, you are just along for the ride and it’s only a matter of how rough or smooth you want to make that ride.


Namaste Ashishyogi,

Welcome to the forum.

OK, Kali the abstract concept/energy is extremely hard to work with.she is a mahavidya so she is even worshipped by not Only the Hindu Trinity but by ishwara/God himself. The Kali Hindus worship is one of the gatekeeper of the main Kali concept (abstract)/energy. The concept of gate keepers is an occult mystery by itself.

On divine level she gives power of destruction. On demi god level she gives siddhis, occult powers. On cosmic level she signifies cruelty/destructiveness of existence. On human level she is responsible for fear,aversion, disgust. Any kind of dislike. Therefore at its extreme she also gives dispassion/non attachment.

Another deep secret of her’s (the main one, not the gatekeeper) is that she is the ‘Balancer’ or ‘zero’ in existence, existence even beyond non dual realm. But that will be going too fucking deep.

Got all this information from a legit siddha.

@elena and @UnseelieDiabolus as well as @JezebelleMoon is right.

I work with Kali and she will change everything. How bumpy the road gets is on you.