Need Help Crafting Petition

Trying to craft a petition using GOM’s Demons of Magick.

The petition is for a demon that “gives you the appearance and demeanor of someone unlike you”. I want to use it to get my ideal body.


  1. I don’t want to link myself to another, ala “I now have the body of XYZ” What if their body changes? What if they get a disease?

  2. I don’t want to force self-acceptance ala “I now have my perfect body.” and/or “I now have a body that I love” or similar - Will that just make it so that I accept my body or the way that I look?

  3. I don’t want to look incredibly different ala “My bo dy now looks like Xyz, with the abs of ABC, etc.” - it’s too wordy, and realistically I don’t want to grow 3 inches or lose certain bits that make me Me. I want to be the best version of me w/ a bit of IRL photoshopping.

I might be overthinking it, but I do know that these demons are incredibly powerful and very literal, and that this is the magick I seek to employ, so I want to perfect my petition.

I keep turning it over in my mind, so now it’s time to consult the community. Thoughts?

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My name is Lily. I am in no way new to magick but very new to this forum.

I’ve been practicing my whole life and I’ve been seriously practicing for the last 20 years, but started experimenting with heavier magick about 5 years ago, and most recently with demons- though I haven’t done anything I would consider “black magick”. That being said, I judge no one, including my future self.

I am interested in practical magick, plain and simple. I’m eclectic. I respect the craft. I approach all magick with reverence and respect.

Things I’m struggling with now:

Finding a true community. I think this may (hopefully) be the answer {?}

Forming perfect petitins inline with GOM’s Demons of Magick. Just started working with it and love it for a few reasons. However, given how my brain works, crafting concise petitions is problematic.

Ok, that’s me

-Lil Lily

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Demons, Angels, Gods… they all can “read minds” so don’t worry. Use visualization to show them exactly what you mean, if that helps. Or say clearly that you want to have the body of Xyz as it is now.

You’re not taking over her body so whatever happens to it, that shouldn’t affect you… it’s just an example of what you want to have. If this idea is clear in your mind, that’s what they will understand.

As it’s mentioned in the book regarding the statement of intent… it may cause negative impression if you repeat it as a mantra. Because of the opposite resistance from your subconscious. The system used in the book is designed to avoid this possible negative effect. You only need to repeat the statement of intent once, as far as I remember. It must be in present form.

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