New member Shade saying hello, also…

I’m new to this site but not to the art of witchcraft.
I have been studying it for 3 years and performing it for 2. I’d add myself to the intro topic but it’s a bit overcrowded so… my focuses are talisman’s, banishings and hypnosis… as of now…
But I’ve been stuck at a road block involving banishing as of a year and a half now… out of all the entities that have come and gone… one has not… this one likes to mimic the roles of a succubus… it’s very powerful… I just want to know if anyone on here has come in contact with one of these and managed to remove it? And how they have achieved this amazing task?
I clean with white
I close with black
I sever hooks with blue
But if your expecting a poem that isn’t true.
The hooks just come way to fast and I can’t seem to stop it for lomg when it comes to it enter me.
Yesterday I cleaned and closed my chakras only for it to re-enter my mind 15 minutes later… and take control over my body 25 minutes later… I wasn’t shopping at that time “it” was… I was just along for the ride…

Welcome to BALG!

A bit confused. So you have an entity that has sexual contact with you and won’t leave even after you banish/cleanse? And this entity also full-blown possesses you?

If you’ve been banishing for 1 and a half years, how has this one entity evaded your banishing? Is this entity somehow special to you? Has it communicated with you?

I’m asking all these questions, because this is not normal. A succubus/incubus usually can’t possess you, and I’ve never heard of one that won’t leave you alone for over a year even after banishing.


@succupedia Thoughts?


Not sure what this means…but you must do an intro and it must be a stand alone post not mixed up with other topics so we can find it if we need to.

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Post has been properly submitted!…Apologies…
Regretfully whenever I weaken this thing down intill its “almost” destruction it just rapes me and requires my energy to add to its own… it can be very convincing when it enters into my mind, body and soul and forces me to be lustful… I know this seems incredible… but I do need a better way to approach this… and I rather not ask AGARES… for aid… there are just some things a man’s gotta do on his own and all… also kinda wanna work this out so I can make a living outta this…

Please a polite question to anyone on this forum: How is the process to evoke Angel Phorlakh?. Kindly let me know.

Thank you.

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Hello there,
Thanks for reminding me. However please i am not a newcomer and if you want just check from any reliable sources that you possibly could and you would realise that i did join this important and helpful forum almost a year ago if not exactly a year ago!.
The only thing is that i have not being active here as perhaps i should have being and that is the reason you are seeing me as a new comer but again i am not.
However i can accept to apologise if that is the right thing to do.

Thanks to all members.

Yes hello if its directed to me

You have made a total of four posts, two of them last year in a thread about the book Demons of Magick, and two just now. None of them are an introduction. Please follow the rule and introduce yourself properly as you have been prompted to do. It is not an option, regardless if you joined a year ago or not. Everyone must introduce themselves.


Ok I hereby introduce myself to this forum now officially. And i apologise for not doing it at the start, all because i did not know i had to introduce myself and that was why.

Click the link he gave you and follow the instructions. This is still not an introduction.

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