Fine tuning a breakup spell

I did my research around the forum and I found out that the preferable demons for breakup spells are Asmodeus, Beleth, Paimon, Belial and Dantalion.
However, I also read that the effects of breakup spells can fade at some point so there is a chance of reconciliation.
So I thought to work it in a different way. I want the girl to do something that he won’t be able to forgive ie making her cheat on him and be cocky about it too. That is something that he would not be able to go past it even if the effect of the spell wares off.
So what do you suggest me to do? Who is the best demon to help me with that?
Also if she has some sort of protection is there any other spell that I could do to overcome it?

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To be plain honest with you, I don’t think she is the problem here, sister. HE is the problem, and you might want to stay away from him. I know this is not what you want to read now. But I feel this has to be said. You deserve better.

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I have made up my mind and I want this breakup to happen regardless. I have my reasons.

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Very well. Do what thou wilt, sister. Sorry I cannot be of much help with this task, but I wish you success.

Thank you and I understand that you have a different point of view but trust me. I need them separated.


I’m in a similar boat. PM if you want, maybe we can compare notes and help each other.


Try asking the demon Zagan for help he’s good at turning good things bad and vice versa. So I think him and Dantalion together for this would be powerful. Zagan will add toxic energy to the relationship and whatever is good in it will go sour depending on how you work it. Then Dantalion is good for manipulation and getting in people’s head so u can ask for energy of doubt to be put in the targets head for their vibes towards eachother to change.i did this and the couple broke up within 10 days. The only issue is that they got back together because I didn’t continue to work it because I knew I had to do more but was just too busy. But from other people i know their relationship is extremely rocky compared to before literally over nothing and that’s the effects of the work. So im just waiting on my time and I’ll finish them off properly. As for wanting someone to cheat i don’t know which one, but maybe any entities that love sex and all things sexual ask them to work on the targets So they can be more fruitful😂or do attraction work on them, so they get new love interests. if they are bad they will fall for the temptation but if they don’t all the new attention they will get will surely cause problems because of the doubt and toxic energy planted with the other demons.


Hi, I’m currently doing a separation spell and would like to know how others do it while invoking a deity.

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The breakup spell I am using does not invoke or evoke any spirits or deities. I have just completed the 33 day End a Relationahip spell fromnthe book Magickal Attack. It does command 3 demons to aid in fulfilling your will to break up a couple you do not believe belong together. Everything needed for that particular spell is in the book. Forun rules prohibit me revealing the content of the book however. Best of luck to you. I know from personal experience how big a pain in the ass this can be.