Easy curses to kill someone?

wait how did they scam u…?

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:point_up_2: This. This is why I seldom do curses or revenge work. It doesn’t usually fix anything nor do they ever learn anything. They never make the connection between their suffering and their behavior.


Sounds like you are not mature enough to even come close to working with kind of stuff.

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I think you’re rushing to do the most harm before thinking this through. I understand that this person has hurt you but there’s not easy way to kill someone with a curse and I’m not sure that you’re mature enough to even begin that work. Think of it like this- if you got yelled at by their mom, would your first reaction be to kill her with magick over an incident that’s in the grand scheme of things, very small? Go ahead and curse him but are you really prepared to handle the mental and emotional consequences that come with killing a person? Besides all of that, I haven’t heard any evidence of something serious that this person has done to you to require being killed.

With all that said- morals are a concept created by man so they can feel good and bad about certain things. If you want to kill him go ahead and have all the fun you want with it but you should maybe take a step back and re-evaluate. Karma may not be real but that doesn’t mean you should go on a killing spree over tiny incidents.

Is that suppose to be an insult??

Hey there, stranger. Before you start lecturing people you don’t know, perhaps you should click the link below and introduce yourself:



What if you don’t lift the curse after 3 days?

Welcome @star_enigma Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Yes actually, it does.

The people we are as children are very rarely the people we grow up to be. It’s why they’re called developmental years. Trust me when I say you’ll look back and either be embarrassed, or…well you might not have grown up yet if you aren’t embarrassed by that point lol.

But some fair advice — worrying about yourself and your future is far more advantageous than worrying over your present. That kid who’s picking on you is one of tens of hundreds who could be picking on you. There is no curse to get rid of that. In fact, magick shouldn’t be used as a scapegoat to life experiences. It’s rarely if ever an effective one. You’re always going to have to face your problems on your own eventually. Magick is to witches what God is to Christian’s. Crazy shit can happen and it’s awesome when it does, but really, who’s to say it will happen? It’s up to us to take life by the horns. Those who don’t tend to miss out.

Edit: oh god I responded without realizing how old and long this post was. Curse you poor mobile layout system!


That’s alright :rofl::rofl:. It was good advice.


It’s also gets a point across that I’ve been trying to tell you.

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Oh. Well now I know

Really? I don’t think the core of a person ever changes. They will always be who they are, no matter what new iterations of them are expressed outwardly.

I wouldn’t say that. I used to be a bubbly, cheery, giddy happy go lucky little boy. Now I’m an introvert who will stab you if you so much as look at him.

The introvert who will stab you is just a piece of yourself that was always inside you; that has now taken front and center because of whatever that has forced you to become this version of yourself right now.

That’s hardly who you really are–unless your dwindling down your entire identity to an ailing part of your personality.

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Actually you need to be very careful with that one. You don’t truly know that your victim doesn’t have it in them to fight for themselves. I took out an entire coven just for pulling that shit on me. They truly believed I was weaker than them.

And you reap what you sow.

At 14 years old, I’d say, grow the fuck up, and learn better methods of solving your problem.

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Generally , authors like Gordon winterfield and Henry Archer both claim that there is no karma or backlash in magick . What about that?

I feel like we’re all getting off topic for a thread that’s pretty darn old…

@anon59886753 you’re looking too deeply into what I said. What I meant was simple, as we grow we mature. Maturity brings experiences, and experiences bring wisdom. Everything else is up for a debate that isn’t really worth necro-ing a thread for since it’s not really relevant to the topic.

@silverfirefly if you look above, you’ll see the OP agreed with a post about maturity and seems to have dropped it. Let’s not bully kids by cursing at em lol.

@Thierry007 This is dependent on what you believe in and what you experience. Not what others say. Maybe make a thread about karma to debate it?

Relax, the post was more than a year old, I know better now. I think.

I don’t bully kids but I hate people who bully others in the manner that was suggested to a 14 year old.

Nothing wrong with getting a little harsh with a kid who sounded like he needed to grow up.

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