Information on Beelzebub?

Hello good folks of BALG. I’m a long-time witch that’s been working with Lilith for four years and Lucifer for one. I’m inclined to believe lately that Beelzebub has been reaching out to me, but I’m not sure, since most information I’ve found on him has been bastardized by Christianity.

As far as what I think has been signs from him: I’m dealing with lots of bugs in my hallucinations recently— auditory, tactile, and visual— I feel like he’s the type of demon to use my hallucinations to reach out. I’ll hear loud buzzing/almost a mechanical grinding/buzzing whenever I’m like in the warehouse with no other sound. And I’m constantly feeling bugs on my hands and legs—not just a general tickle, but a solid six legs walking on my skin. I’ve also actually recently regained my appetite—which is super weird considering my Ed+my meds+my general demeanor??? And the storms around lately… tons.

If anyone who works with him, or even just knows more about him, is reading, could I get some decent information on him? Does this sound like signs he’d give a mortal?

Thanks all.

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