Having relationships with spirits

Yup, the self-destructive bullshit aspect. You will get fucked over if you don’t know what you’re doing, though.


Thanks @Mulberry for putting it into the Love, Sex Magick category. I was debating with myself whether or not to put it in the General Discussion, but it makes more sense here.


Another lust po… Oh its Lux, finally some quality. :smiley:


I couldnt say it better!


hi, a newbie here. I’m fairly new to Magick and have only been gathering information and mildly practicing astrological magick for a few months now, but have sparked a interest in a spiritual pack. I do understand that I will need alot more practice and patience before writing a letter of intent and will be meditating before making a serious decision. I was hoping for some advice on practicing more before I attempt to make a bond and defending myself from parasites. It would really mean alot to me if you could guide me with a few key point of focus before I do something I’ll regret. The post was really helpful and I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

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I’m glad you found it helpful. I can’t really add any more than I have written here, and I don’t see myself as a mentor or anything like that. If you’re looking for advice on basics for beginners, there are many great threads about meditation techniques or guidelines for beginners, and also posts about evocation like this one:

Use the search function, there’s a chance your questions have already been aswered before. If you’re just starting out, take your time and go as quickly or slowly as you need. All the best.


Everyone should be forced to read this.

Also, just in case someone comes along with the “You’re just jealous and narrow-minded”-attitude:
Stop it. This information can help you. Take a step back, look at your relationship (everyone should do that from time to time) and if everything is ok for you, there’s no reason to get angry about this thread.


Spiritual marriage with a spirit. Nice one, Lux. :woman_facepalming:

Another aspect that maybe should be mentioned is that of monogamy: Impossible with a spirit. They’re beings that aren’t bound to the same time-space as we are, so therefore they can (and often do) have relationships, families, children, affairs in this world and others. If a spirit tells you you’re their only spouse (or only favorite what-have-you, only legitimate heir, avatar, etc., for that matter), that is complete and utter nonsense and you’re probably dealing with your own mind or another entity trying to win you over with flattery and ego-stroking. Which is the farthest thing from what you’ll experience with an entity such as King Paimon. Or Lucifer, or many others of that caliber.

This here is half-copied from a reply I gave in a post in the Lounge, which not all members can access, so therefore I’m quoting myself here instead of paraphrasing what I’ve already said:

The relationship you have with your spirit partner is already unique in the sense that your path and personal experience with the spirit is unlike any other, which makes any competition pointless. Therefore, you should only focus on your path and the things you have to gain from your relationship instead of comparing yourself to others. There is no other me, so nobody else could have the kind of relationship that I have with my spirit husband. It seems so mental to me to even compare myself with others, and only speaks for an undeveloped character imo. Which goes against the whole point of entering into such a relationship in which you supposedly seek refinement and empowerment. This approach is also far removed from any feelings of superiority, because any competitve, insecure cattiness is completely out of the picture.


This should be linked in the unnoficial guide, I know it doesn’t perfectly fits the criteria of what a guide is, but I think this is solid information a lot of people will find useful.


Damn, Lux… throws draft in trash … I were writing something to post along these lines… you stole it from me, didn’t you? Admit it!!! :laughing:

Oh man, thank you for saying that!

That’s the knowledge an entity shared with me, along with some others, that no succubus ever is exclusive to one person. I shared this info on a discord channel which is about succubae, and I got soooo heavily attacked personally back for saying such a thing, that their spouses would have other men.

I tried to explain it, the way you did. And not one of them were willing to accept in the slightest the possibility, that their succubus may ever be - as they called it - unfaithful to them, not willing to understanding that things may be somewhat different on the other side.

I were shared other knowledge too. I asked, why it seem that they don’t say these things to most others. The answer was, that people (and especially those “spirit lovers”) are not interested or want to know the truth, so they (succubae&co) simply will create and upkeep the impression these people wish.

After getting a similar reaction with something else I shared, thinking, that people are actually interested in real knowledge vs. fantasy, I decided, I would keep all the other knowledge for myself.


My relationship with a parasite was a scary one, they build you up a little to tear you down a lot more, try to isolate you, convince everyone you are the crazy and that everything is your fault. They infect your flaws stronger as you depend on them, for me it was my depression.

They also act paranoid when you try to get rid of them, and give you more compliments. Then get all like I can never trust you and I can only trust this other person, in order to make a divide.

Either way the best way to beat a parasite is to not play their game and banish them.

My parasite was also a human who got possessed all the time and loved feeding off of my emotions and fear.


@Brand_New There is an occultist named Thomas Sheridan who has put out a theory that human psychopathic behavior can actually be a sign of parasitic infestation. No idea if he’s the first one who has come up with it or if he just put two and two together, but it makes a lot of sense if you look into it. All the classic psychopathic behaviors, including gaslighting (making you believe you’re going crazy) and feeding off another’s energy until they’re depressed and depleted, are also classic traits of a parasitic spirit. Definitely worth contemplating imo.


Feel free to share it here on this forum if you feel like it. We don’t take kindly to fools who blindly attack others simply because they disagree with them.


Always enjoy your posts Lux! This is definitely something new practitioners NEED to understand, especially with the amount of seemingly unrealistic descriptions of spirit marriages on this forum (some basically bordering on LARP-ing)


I believe it, as soon as my ex had a taste of my soul all the parasites went into a feeding frenzy and weren’t even pretending to be him anymore, they did pretend to be demons though. I honestly don’t even know if he is there King Paimon said he was a “meatsack and they are more common then you would think”

I do thank the the actual demons who helped pull me from the situation, and I told me to leave and that all that is going to happen is I’m going to get drained with no build up and he is a predator and I’m just prey.


:joy: He is right, though! I read a great book a while ago called ”Puzzling People - the Labyrinth of the Psychopath“ by Thomas Sheridan. It’s hands down the most practicable guide on how to recognize these people that I have ever read. It’s not about spirits, because it’s aimed at a non-occultist audience, but I’d seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to know about spiritual and human impostors or parasites, they act in the same way and there’s only one remedy against them: no contact ever again, aka banishment. It’s great that you were able to overcome your awful relationship.


Yes, I already noticed that people here are much more open-minded than in so many others, or probably, the majority of other communities.

I probably will share little by little, when the opportunity occurs. For some things, there is no need though, as some things are already known or accepted here.

It truely is crazy, how much people are not interested in seeing or knowing the truth… it’s enough for them, to think they do, but once someone tells them something that is not within their narrow limits, no matter how neutral, that person may even get attacked heavily back.

It’s hard to understand that such narrow-mindness exists, but it does, unfortunately, and I had to admit at some point, that I have no place with such people. Probably a big part of the problem in spirit relationships.

My succubus already told me months before it happened, that it would come to this, that I’ll let all these people and communities behind me, no matter how much I would consider friends there. And it didn’t matter if I don’t accepted it at that time, she said, I would see it and it would happen. If it was for her, she wanted me to move on sooner - but would I listen? :smiley:

When I were discovering something new, I were totally excited about it and wanted to know more, always wanted to understand the things behind and such… and thought, all others involved with spirits, would share the same excitement. Until I understood, there is difference, between seeking experiences and seeking knowledge and the truth.

These people were actually an obstacle to my progress for a long time. :frowning:


I think everything has been said already in this post. I am 100% with its contents when it comes to my own experiences, but since I don’t want to “out” myself that much in depth I am glad that you stepped forward @Lux_Tenebris Thank you


Sometimes a different perspective can throw a harsh light on people’s ideas and they feel threatened by it. It’s extremely difficult to even say what the truth is, it’s something different for everyone, or so it seems. But bold, unsubstantiated claims and an ego losing itself in delusion can be pretty obvious for those who have a bit more perspective (usually those who have gone through a painful phase of disillusionment and self-discovery themselves). Nobody can claim to know the ultimate truth, but with increasing knowledge and experience, I think it’s safe to say that we can at least determine what is realistic or not so much.


I have no words, this is just it.

Some spirits may start harsh straight out from day 1, others might be “kind” with you at first but soon they will teach you a harsh lesson or two.
Very much how a human can be: Polite and kind when they don’t know you well but once you become something more (whatever that might be) than just acquaintances they will slap you in the face with your bs, especially when all this time you have no progress whatsoever and you’re just swimming in the :heart: sea.
They will challenge you, they will test you, they will even offend you or/and make you cry if needed. Trust me, even if you don’t understand why they’re doing it, you’ll find out eventually and everything will fall in place.
A relationship, any kind of relationship, with a spirit isn’t easy at all. Some times its even harder than human relationships, because they know you. The real you. And they connect with you deeply in ways that a human may, and most likely never will, connect with you ever.

Sex is not the goal, never, in any kind of relationship. If all you do with spirits is sex, that should make you question the kind of spirit you’re dealing with. Even if you like it. You won’t ascend just because you’re sucking a spiritual penis. Or many of them. Fact.
And same as they can refuse, so can you. Same as they’re not your sex toy, same goes for you. A legit spirit will accept your answer with grace, maybe even praise you for that or explain you the reasons why it has to be done. A pretender/parasite will get angry at you and maybe even try to rape you. Do not, I repeat, do not accept it. Do not take it as an expression of their love or lust for you. Banish and keep banishing because that shit ain’t the real thing.