Planning first time evocation at home?

how dangerous could it be ? if my mother is praying all the time muslim. Theres a Koran at home. Moreover, grandma over the age of 80 came to us just today.
She will stay for a long time
I live in a very crowded city. It is hard to find an isolated area.
If I go to the forest i’d take miles
I really want to perform it in my room. just want to make sure nobody gets hurt.


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Hello Abdullah, I just saw your post. I come from a Muslim family too. First of all I would like to ask you to forget all the religious dogma we’ve been fed since the beginning demons aren’t evil and Salah and Quran doesn’t effect the evocation because Prophet Sulayman Alaihissalam himself used to work with demons & djinns, so have no fear. If your fear still persist I would advice you try doing a simple protection spell with a demon of your choosing, that way you will understand and will get an idea how it all works also it will help you to attune with demonic currents, and it’s absolutely fine doing it in your bedroom. Best of Luck. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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In my experience evocations are mild but it’s also true that, due to family/domestic reasons as well, I work “no props”.